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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Upcoming events in Agriculture for Development (ARD) - Africa

28 November. London. Future of Renewable Energy in Africa
29 – 30 November. Kigali. Regional sharing on farmer/pastoralist field schools in Eastern Africa
28 – 30 November. Johannesburg. 4th Global Science Conference On Climate Smart Agriculture
28-29 November. Abidjan. Africa-EU Youth Summit 2017
28-29 November. Abidjan. Summit of Head of States from EU and Africa
The conference will look into the possible ways to use the SDGs to help address global agriculture issues. Additionally, different panels will focus on the European common agricultural policy reform and the specific issues within the Bulgarian agriculture landscape.
29-30 November. Kampala. Agribusiness Congress East Africa
29 November - 1 December. Luxembourg. European Microfinance Week (EMW)
30 November. The Hague.. PPPLab Day: Achieving the Catalytic Potential of PPPs for Transformational Change
1 December. The Hague. Research and Policy: two peas in a pod? A dialogue for food security impact
3-6 December. Cape Town, South Africa. 3rd International Conference on Global Food Security
4-5 December, Madrid, Spain. International Summit on Organic Farming 2017
4-5 December. Milano, Italy. 8th International Forum on Food and Nutrition
6 December. Webinar E-agriculture. ZFU Ecofarmer Combo. The ZFU Ecofarmer Combo is a bundle of services developed by Econet, the largest Mobile Network Provider in Zimbabwe,
6 DecemberWebinar Innovative Annual Reports (co-organized by GFAR and GLF)
6-7 December. Amsterdam. The European Mineral Fertilizer Summit. This two day event will provide an exclusive platform for collaboration and discussion between a variety of industry perspectives including manufacturers, suppliers, distribution/logistics, academia but some other involved areas as policymakers, NGO’s, nutrition and environment preservers.
7 December. Accra, Ghana. Network meeting and launch of BiomassNet
7-8 December. Nigeria. Nigerian Poultry Feeds Research and Development
7-8 December. Utrecht. The Netherlands. Climate change adaptation: community-based adaption in multistakeholder landscapes
8-11 December. Cape Town, South Africa. 3rd International Conference on Global Food Security
12 - 13 December. Queen Mary University of London. Universities and Climate Change: The Role of Climate Change Research and Projects in Fostering Climate Action 
11-12 December Brussels, Annual Meeting European Forum for Agricultural Research (EFARD)
12-14 December 2017 in Rome, Italy. GACSA ANNUAL FORUM 2017. Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture.
13-14 December. 's-Hertogenbosch the Netherlands. AgriFoodTech 2017. Sensors, drones, autonomous robots, smart farming, big data, vision technology, smart LEDs …innovations within the Agri and Food sector are developing rapidly.
14 December 2017 in Buenos Aires. FORUM ON MIGRATION, TRADE AND THE GLOBAL ECONOMY. ICTSD’s upcoming Forum on Migration, Trade and the Global Economy will be held on , in partnership with the International Organisation for Migration and Fundación Foro del Sur.19-20 December. Bonn. Global Landscapes Forum
10 January 2018. Webinar. How are the pathways to resilience in pastoralist areas of Eastern Africa evolving?
15-18 January 2018 (TBC). Nairobi. GIZ. Innovators conference
15-19 January 2018. Stellenbosch, Soouth Africa. African Crop Science Society meeting
18 January 2018. Berlin, Germany. GLOBAL FORUM FOR FOOD AND AGRICULTURE 2018 The Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA) is an international conference that focuses on central questions concerning the future of the global agri-food industry.
22 January 2018. MONTPELLIER, FRANCE. LIVING TERRITORIES 2018. The conference will look into the benefits of territorial approaches to agricultural production, agri-chain regulation and services provision. Furthermore, specialists will explore ways for territorial strategies to contribute to renovating the framework for development.
23-26 January 2018. Switzerland. 48th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting
15 February 2018. Sharm el-Sheikh. First International Conference of the Egyptian Society of Food Safety
6-8 March 2018. Nanyuki. Kenya. 3rd ECHO East Africa Pastoralist Symposium
7-9 March. Dakar, Senegal. AAIN Agribusiness Incubation Conference
19-20 March 2018. Nairobi, Kenya. 1st Biocontrol Africa Conference
21-23 March 2018. Nairobi, Kenya. 16th New Ag International Conference
27 March 2018. Brussels. The annual Forum for the Future of Agriculture (FFA) Debate on the future of European and world agriculture. 
25-26 April 2018. Hohenheim, Germany. Agrinatura General Assembly.
9-12 April 2018. Cape Town South Africa. Sorghum in the 21st Century Conference
18 - 19 April 2018. Berlin Germany. Global Bioeconomy Summit 2018.
14-15 May 2018Ibadan, Nigeria. Second Symposium on Climate Change Adaptation in Africa, Theme: “Fostering African resilience and capacity to adapt.” Deadline for abstracts 20 January 2018.
31 May -1 June 2018. Pretoria. IAALD – AFRICA CONFERENCE
24-27 June 2018. Mombassa, Kenya. 2nd African Symposium on Mycotoxicology
3 - 5 July 2018. Stuttgart, Germany. 5th International ISEKI Food Conference
17-19 September 2018. Gent, Belgium. Tropen Tag. Annual interdisciplinary conference on Research in tropical and subtropical agriculture, Natural Resource Management and Rural Development. Conference theme:Global food security and food safety: The role of universities
7-11 October 2018 in Berlin. IWCSPP 2018 - 12th International Working Conference for Stored Product Protection.
15-19 October 2018, Accra, Ghana. 7th All Africa Conference on Animal Agriculture, "Innovations to secure the future of animal agriculture in Africa in a globalizing world.” Call for papers: (deadline for papers 30 April 2018).

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