Platform for African – European Partnership in Agricultural Research for Development

Thursday, October 24, 2019

2nd African Young Water Professional Forum

20 - 24 October 2019. Cairo, Egypt. The 2nd Cairo Water Week (CWW). - 2nd African Young Water Professional Forum.

21st – 23rd of October 20192nd African Young Water Professional Forum. The meeting was held on the sidelines of the Cairo Water Week 2019. Owing to the success of the 1st Af-YWPF, the forum has grown to attract more than 570 members from all African countries, thus becoming an important platform at the African continent for capacity building of Africa’s future leaders in water-related sectors. Thus, keeping in mind the importance of the Af-YWPF, the MWRI of Egypt, AFRWG of the ICID,

The forum included the forum meeting, three days training workshop and two days to converge with activities of the Cairo Water Week to give YP’s the opportunity to engage with experts and stakeholders in the water sector.

The Forum catering for Young Water Professionals of diverse backgrounds including utility, government, research, and private consulting and industry engagement was an action-packed 26 hours, spread over a 3-day period. During this span, key eminent (and experienced) resource persons, drawn from the academics and the professions, were invited to have 15 hrs. of contact/training/interactive sessions with Af-YWP; split into different hands-on-training workshops and seminars.

Video interviews with:

Secretary General, International Commission on Irrigation and drainage, Ministero per le Politiche Agricole Alimentari e Forestali, Rome - Italy. He answers following questions:
  • Why is DryArc an important initiative?
  • How can DryArc be complementary to what the International Commission on Irrigation and drainage (ICID) is doing?
  • What is ICID's interest in South-South collaboration?
  • What would be the most important research priority?

Managing Director Netherlands Water Partnership. She answers following questions:
  • Has the Netherlands Water Partnership expertise in water conflict prevention?
  • What about the retention on sharing data and information?
  • Can NWP influence the Dutch research agenda?
  • Which lessons can be learned from the way NWP is structured?
  • How difficult is multi disciplinary collaboration?

Dr. Ragab Ragab (ICID + CEH/Wallingford) The multiple benefits of drip irrigation for agriculture
Principal Hydrologist Centre for Ecology & Hydrology Natural Environment Research Council - Wallingford, Oxon, United Kingdom. He answers following questions:
  • Why have plants - cultivated under mild stress - an enhanced flavor?
  • This can have a considerable commercial value?
  • How can the Saltmed 2019 e-course be used in the DryArc capacity building activities?
  • As a strong defender of drip irrigation yourself:  is drip irrigation  about convincing farmers or about state intervention?
  • Is the cost of drip irrigation a good reason not to implement it?

The SALTMED mathematical model predicts soil moisture, yield and total dry biomass of crops in salty soils. The model brings together data on water, crop, soil and field management in salinity-prone areas to provide management guidelines for farmers.



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