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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

CGIAR Research Map for Africa

9 February 2010. Fruit of a collaboration between Collective Action, the ICT-KM Program, CGIAR centres and over 250 scientists who have contributed their research information, the newly released map gives users the unique opportunity to carry out a more specific and targeted query based on different key fields, link the data to project outputs and other relevant documents while keeping the ownership over the information in the hands of the project managers themselves.

The result is an interactive and easy to navigate map, which provides a geographical overview of where research projects are carried out. To facilitate collaboration, the information provided also includes the contact address of the scientist concerned; projects are also linked to the Medium Term Plans of the relevant CGIAR Centres. In addition the map allows participating scientists to update their project information directly online and in real time. The CG Research Map is designed to encourage complementary research, and help build collective responses to complex challenges, while directing investments to areas that seem to hold greater promise or that have been ignored. And it is fun to navigate too!

ICT-KM 09/02/2010 Show me the goods! The Research map is out!
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