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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Global Community of Practice on Agribusiness

infoDev's Global Community of Practice (CoP) on Agribusiness was formally launched in cooperation with ICRISAT at a kick-off meeting during October 26-28, 2010, in Hyderabad, India and culminated in a Declaration of Cooperation around four key action areas.

According to the World Bank, the potential of agricultural growth to reduce poverty is four times greater than the potential of growth from other sectors. The overall focus of infoDev’s Agribusiness Program, in cooperation with the Government of Finland, is to enable innovative agribusiness entrepreneurs in the food industry that 1) provide inputs to primary producers in the form of goods and services and 2) add value to primary products (such as agro-processors) and play a catalytic role in terms of enhancing efficiency, quality and market access across the value chain.

The Agribusiness Community of Practice includes 136 individual members in 64 incubators in 40 countries.

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