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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Potential for Commercial Mariculture in SS Africa

26-28th Sept 2012. A Symposium on the Potential for Commercial Mariculture in SS Africa was held in Dakar Senegal between and was attended by a range of commercial, markets, research, NGO and Govt sector participants from across Africa.

Participants heard presentations on proven economically viable evidence based shrimp, seaweeds, seacucumber, milkfish, oysters, shellfish, and other systems and also their associated Value Chains from Cameroon, Tanzania, Madagascar, Mozambique, Kenya, Namibia, and Egypt.

Discussions followed assessing their viability and potential transfer to other African countries.Please note the Symposium was held in both English and French and cross over between the two languages and participant groups was encouraged at all times . Further details and copies of the presentations will be made available on the SARNISSA website.

Africans at the World Aquaculture Society Conference Prague Czech Republic 1st - 5th Sept 2012 Geraldine Matolla, a lecturer in Aquatic Animal/Fish Health from Chepkoilel Univ College Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Dept, School of Natural Resource Management, Moi University Kenya attended the World Aquaculture Society WAS conference in Prague Sept 1st -5th 2012.


She describes the value of attending the conference for her and also for the development of aquaculture teaching and training in her country . This video was produced by the SARNISSA African Aquaculture Network - which now has over 2000 members - sharing information across borders and languages.

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