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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

WEBINAR: Addressing Food Loss and Waste in a COVID-19 World

23 June 2020. Addressing Food Loss and Waste in a COVID-19 World (WRI)

COVID-19 has led to a crisis in the food system, with many fearing a global rise in food loss and waste due to disruptions along the supply chain. But around the world, efforts are underway to ensure food makes it to people, not left to rot in fields or landfills.

This webinar explored:
  • How is COVID-19 impacting food loss and waste levels around the globe?
  • What actions can governments and companies take to prevent this food loss and waste?
  • What efforts are already showing success?
Speakers discussed these questions and how the audience can help reduce food loss and waste during this crisis.
  • Hans Hoogeveen (Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Netherlands to the UN Organizations for Food and Agriculture)
  • H.E. Josefa Sacko (Commissioner for Rural Economy and Agriculture, African Union)
  • Daniel Gustafson (Special Representative of the Director General, FAO)
  • Geeta Sethi (Global Lead and Advisor, Food Systems Transformation, World Bank)
  • Amy Senter (Chief Sustainability Officer, Kellogg Company)

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