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Friday, February 14, 2014

Aid and trade for livestock development and food security in West Africa

Aid & trade for livestock development and food security in West Africa
Jan van der Lee, Hans Schiere, Roel Bosma, Evelien de Olde, Sifra Bol, Jessica Cornelissen
Wageningen UR Livestock Research 
This project was funded by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs
December 2013 , 101 pages

The central issue in this study is the search for opportunities for livestock development to enhance food security in West Africa through aid and trade. The report discusses win-win and trade-offs between aid and trade, reflecting a rather traditional divide between development aid and economic development.

The study focuses on situations in five Sub-Saharan West African countries (Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, Burkina Faso and Mali) while extending those experiences to (other countries in) West Africa. It uses past experiences and experiences from elsewhere while envisaging future developments. The emphasis on livestock for food security is justified because of:
  • the central role of livestock and its products in West Africa, 
  • the increasing demand for animal products by growing cities and their populations, 
  • the need for good documentation on issues of aid and trade in a rapidly changing West Africa. 
9 April 2014. West-African Livestock Farming Offers Opportunities for Dutch Industry

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