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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Scenario Planning for East Africaís Agriculture Development and Food Security beyond 2020

What Will East Africans Eat in 2040? Who will produce the Food and How?
© CUTS International, 2013
First published: December 2013
106 pages

As a contribution to the process of developing viable EAC Food Security Policy, CUTS Office in Nairobi (the Centre for International Trade, Economics and Environment) initiated a project entitled Scenario Planning for East Africaís Agriculture Development and Food Security beyond 2020. Through the support of TradeMark East Africa (TMEA), CUTS was able to hold country-based discussions within East African region in 2010 with many stakeholders concerned with the practice and policies around agriculture and food security. 

The results of these discussions have been compiled together with background literature on the state and the future of food security in the respective EAC countries (discussed in Chapter Three). In addition, as part of this larger process, CUTS organised a two-day scenario-building exercise in Nairobi in February 2011 in which it invited the regionís policy makers and planners, scholars, farmers, consumers and traders to consult and discuss the EAC's prospects of a vibrant agriculture sector and food security goals. Through the use of scenario stories,the stakeholder participants sought to establish possible trajectories that agriculture development and food security in East Africa might take and how the region might need to respond. These scenario stories have been summarised and presented in Chapter Five of this volume.

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