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Friday, November 25, 2011

Enhancing partnerships between African and US scientists for collaborative GEC research

2012 Research Partnership Enhancement Awards
Announcing five Awards of $5,000 each to develop and/or enhance partnerships between African and US scientists for collaborative GEC research.

START is offering five grant awards to enhance partnerships between African scientists and US scientists who are currently engaged in Global Environmental Change (GEC) research.

1.  Who is eligible?                                    
Applications will be accepted from individual scientists from Africa who are based at an institution in Africa.  The African scientist must have an established contact with a counterpart scientist based at an institution in the United States.  

2.  Why are the grants being offered?
START sponsors a number of programs to build capacity for GEC research and outreach by scientists in Africa.  (   Over the years, START has received many requests to provide funds to allow face-to-face visits of scientists from the US and Africa.  The Research Partnership Enhancement Awards are being offered as a way to enhance collaborative US/Africa projects for research, training, joint scientific publications and the development of communication products.  The awards are part of START’s overall goals to:

·         increase the number of scientists in Africa who are working on global environmental change issues;
·         enhance communication at the interface of science, policy and practice;
·         encourage research that contributes to understanding global environmental change in the context of regional and national development priorities; and
·         strengthen scientific networks by fostering collaborative relationships across disciplines, institutions and countries.

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