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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Workshop on information & communication management for PAEPARD

31st of January - 1 February 2012. Montpellier. PAEPARD organised a workshop on information & communication management for the partners. The objective was to understand the different stakeholders’ tools and needs in terms of communication and information in partnerships & to adapt the existing PAEPARD tools to the stakeholders’ needs.

The main tools built by WP3 of PAEPARD are:
  • Website. Ready to be used but need discussion on content and how to feed it.
  • PAEPARD blog
  • D-groups. Are currently used by PAEPARD and by some subgroups to discuss thematic and share documents.
  • Matching tool on the PAEPARD website (wiki). The objective is to match different stakeholders around specific thematic of interest by using a database (based on previous mapping) and key words. The database would contain information about organizations (identity, thematic of interest/work, etc.). This tool is ready but the database is to be completed and the modalities of use are to be defined (types of data, privacy
The results of the workshop are:
  1. A simple methodology is applicable to all categories of stakeholders represented at the workshop: farmers' organizations, NGOs, private sector, research
  2. A tool to collect and interpret data gathered from this methodology.
  3. A comprehensive and precise overview of the intentions, the opportunities and the constraints of the participants on the development of multi-stakeholder partnerships
  4. Recommendations to strengthen partnerships and to circumvent bottlenecks.
  5. A practical approach to assess the practices and tools used in the partnership process
  6. A synthetic vision at each category of stakeholder of existing partnership mechanisms and tools used to implement.
  7. Recommendationson improvingpracticesand tools already implemented.
  8. A good knowledge and understanding of the tools developed in the project PAEPARD and their potential usefulness in the context of earch and development partnership
  9. The possible selection of new tools not yet implemented at different levels (central level or at the stakeholder level)
  10. Requests for modification of the tools currently in use so that they meet expectations
  11. An initial mastery of tools ensuring an autonomous use by participants of these tools after the workshop
  12. The exhaustive list of tasks to be done to implement the recommendations of the workshop.
  13. Prioritization of these tasks according to the constraints of the participants
  14. The development of a realistic road map for a first level of early implementation of the recommendations.
  15. The selection of information to be disseminated
  16. A selection of tools for communication and information within the project team
  17. A clear procedure for the implementation of a strategy of information and communication within the project team
  18. A consensus view on the topics discussed and proposals for implementation.
  19. These proposals were forwarded to the Communication Working Group of Work Package 3

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