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Monday, November 5, 2012

AGRINATURA: Building Capacities in Agriculture Based on Needs Taking stock of lessons learned and support bottom-up coordination

27 October 2012. GCARD 2 Pre-Conference Meeting Building Capacities in Agriculture Based on Needs Taking stock of lessons learned and support bottom-up coordination.

GCARD 2 was an important milestone to review the current state of the art and to organise stakeholders for an increased effort – and even more coordinated - to building capacities in agriculture, while reforming the institutions to increase the relevance and the impact of TAE with regard to the stakeholders’ economic needs on the ground.
  1. The GCARD 1 Montpellier Capacity Action Plan : from initial ideas to actual achievements - Didier Pillot (EFARD/Agrinatura) 
  2. Session 1 ; Organisation achieved and challenges ahead in Africa Building institutions : achievements up to date - Irene Annor Frempong (FARA), Aissetou Yaye (ANAFE) 
  3. Session 2 ; Building new skills and adapted competences : the YPARD study and e conference By Courtney Paisley, Marina Cherbonnier, Myriam Perez (YPARD) 
  4. Session 3 : The new extensionist - Is today's extension agent a superwoman (or superman)? - Skills and challenges for capacity building By Kristin Davis, Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS) 
  5. Session 4 : Organisation and questions in Latin America with Fernando García, Red de Facultades de Agronomía de MERCOSUR, and Abel Mejía, Universidad Nacional Agraria de La Molina, Lima  
  6. Session 5 : Wrapping up : roles and expectations for GCHERA, with Philippe Choquet (ICA) and Ian Maw (APLU)

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