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Monday, November 12, 2012

China to build agricultural research centre in Angola

5TH NOVEMBER, 2012. Angola and China have signed a cooperation deal for construction of an agricultural research centre in Mazozo, Luanda province, around 40 kilometres from the centre of the Angolan capital.

The Angolan Secretary of State for Agriculture, Amaro Tati, and China’s deputy Trade Minister, Li Jinzao, signed the agreement, which will make it possible to test rice and wheat varieties in different regions of Angola.

Tati said the agreement was very important as the agricultural testing and research centre is essential for agricultural growth.

14 such projects are supported by China in Africa and China’s Centre for Agricultural Research and Technology Transfer in Mozambique, located in the district of Boane, Maputo province was the first to be finished.China is currently also building a centre for agricultural research and technological demonstration near Bamako, Mali, to carry out experiments and technical training, and to contribute to the development of sustainable agriculture in the country

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