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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Stakeholders workshop in sustainable agricultural intensification in Africa

The Montpellier Panel report

10–13 Jul 2013. Accra, Ghana. Major stakeholders in sustainable agricultural intensification in Africa explore the links between systems research and sustainable intensification to refine and reach a common understandings.

The workshop also aimed to help determine:
  • factors critical for successful sustainable intensification
  • institutional arrangements for integrating sustainable intensification into investment and service delivery programs
  • best mechanisms for sharing and learning across Africa’s major sustainable intensification programs.
About 50 people participate in this sustainable intensification workshop, representing the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA); Africa’s sub-regional and non-governmental organizations, national agricultural research systems, universities and farmer organizations; CGIAR centres and research programs; and major African sustainable intensification programs, financing organizations and investors.

ILRI 08/07/2013 Growing more food using fewer natural resources: Pipe dream or the ‘only’ development pathway possible?

July 16th July 2013. Accra. Science Week side event (back to back with the “Montpellier Panel” side event). With the support of FARA, Cirad and Wageningen University organized a side event to present and debate over IntensAfrica initiative.

Cirad and Wageningen University, along with 12 European research institutions, Fara and Nepad, have started to build a long term, program level research partnership between Africa and Europe on “sustainable intensification pathways” for agriculture. This IntensAfrica initiative is well aligned with the Caadp agenda (especially its 4th pillar) and received positive signals from the European Commission. It could potentially represent a major topic of the current high level discussions between European Union and African Union. 

The overall objective of this initiative is to provide documented knowledge and evidence on the diverse pathways of sustainable intensification of African  griculture and its value chains. It will cover agriculture and ecological sciences, as well as economic, social and policy sciences and will promote transdisciplinary approaches. This initiative will undertake collaborative, world-leading research with a wide range of stakeholders in Africa and Europe on the sustainable intensification of agriculture to meet major societal challenges.

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