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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Brussels Briefing on Fish-farming

3rd July 2013. Brussels Briefing on Fish-farming, organized by theTechnical Centre for Agriculture (CTA), together with the DG Development and Cooperation of the European Commission (EC/DEVCO), the ACPSecretariat and the European NGO confederation for Relief and Development, Concord .

Panel 1: Fish-farming: the pathway towards a blue revolution?
This panel provided an overview of the key concepts, existing systems and challenges and opportunities in aquaculture, especially for ACP countries. It addressed the main issues involved in the aquaculture sector in terms of food and nutrition security, health management and sustainability of the sector.
  • David Little, Professor of Aquatic Resources and Development, University of Stirling, UK: Overview of the significance of fish-farming sector: challenges and opportunities
  • Patrick Sorgeloos, Professor of Aquaculture, Ghent University, Belgium: Aquaculture nutrition: addressing the long-term sustainability of the sector
  • Rohana Subasinghe, Senior Aquaculture Officer, FAO: Risk analysis and health management in aquaculture 
  • Marc Prein, Advisor for the “Promotion of Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture”, GIZ : Organic aquaculture and sustainable fisheries – ecolabelling and aquaculture certification 
Panel 2: Proven successes in Fish-farming and lessons learned from the field
This panel presented proven actions in fish-farming in the various regions along with lessons learned and best practices which could be upscaled or replicated in areas related to regulatory frameworks, national and regional trade regimes and innovation systems.
  • Sloans Chimatiro, Senior Fisheries Advisor, NEPAD: Drivers of success in aquaculture across Africa
  • Milton Haughton, Executive Director, Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM): Opportunities for aquaculture development in the Caribbean
  • Tim Pickering, Inland Aquaculture Specialist, Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC): Aquaculture development: trends and successes in the Pacific

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