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Friday, May 29, 2015

1st African Symposium on Mycotoxicology

26th – 28th May 2015. Livingstone, Zambia. The 1st African Symposium on Mycotoxicology (ASM) was held  under the auspices of the International Society on Mycotoxicology (ISM).

The conference theme “Reducing mycotoxins in African food and feed” aimed to create awareness on the importance of mycotoxins in food and feed safety, human and animal health and the economic impact of mycotoxins on the African continent.

The symposium provide an ideal platform for information exchange amongst African and international participants and create an environment for role-players to meet and interact in the hope of forming successful partnerships and collaborations. 
The objectives of this meeting were:
  • Assess the occurrence and importance of mycotoxins in crops in Africa;
  • Present research findings on mycotoxins on the continent;
  • To strengthen continental and international collaboration and networking;
  • Share information on mycotoxin management, and
  • Establish an African Society of Mycotoxicology (ASM)
Extract of the programme:
  • A. Ayalew: The Economic Impact of Aflatoxins to Africa: The Case of Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda.
  • PACA secretariat, Voices from Africa - Holistic Approaches to Aflatoxin mitigation on the Continent.
  • V. Kagot, S. Okoth, E. Kangethe, J. Odhiambo and C. Kunyanga: Evaluation of plant crude extracts for activity against aflatoxin producing fungi in maize.
  • J. Harvey, R. Darnell, J. Karanja, A. Gichangi, A. Mushongi, D. Lwezaura, S. Massomo, D. Kriticos, M. Fletcher, G. Fox, Y. Chauhan, R. Nelson, B. Gnonlonfin, S. Mutiga, P. Fernandez, D. Priest, M. Milgroom, P. Pardey, J. Beddow, F. Liebenberg, A. Hall, A. Ayelew and M. Kimanya: Towards a sustainable approach to understanding and reducing aflatoxin contamination in East Africa.
  • N.A. Phiri, C. Chowa, W. Otieno, D. Onyango, H. Msatilomo, J. Crozier and L. Karanja: Aflatoxin management through plant clinics: the case of Malawi.
  • M. Matimelo from CABI: The role of Plantwise in combating food and nutritional insecurity: A Zambia perspective.

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