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Friday, June 5, 2015

Innovation in mechanisation of maize shelling

5 June 2015. Prolinnova-Nigeria recently published in the Journal of of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, on the role of local innovation in the mechanization of maize shelling.
This study assessed the benefits of a mechanical maize sheller made by a local artisan Sule Magaji, based on data from 90 farmers selected randomly and equally from Igabi, Chikun and Kajuru Local Government Areas of Kaduna State, Nigeria.

  • Results of the study showed that 76.7% of the respondents adopted the maize sheller made by the local artisan as compared to 23.3% still engaged in hand-shelling of maize. 
  • Regarding performance of the maize sheller, 93.3% of the respondents indicated that they were very satisfied, while 3.3% stated that they were satisfied. 
  • Farmers agreed that the maize sheller was beneficial to them in ‘terms of time saving, ease of operation, availability of the sheller in the community, local arrangement for maintenance, reduction in wastage of grains, creation of employment for youth and access to the equipment by female farmers. 
  • However, most of them felt it was not affordable

The results of the study have shown that it is possible for local artisans, and farmers to play a significant role in the process of developing innovations that will enhance agricultural productions. Hence, convergence of ideas and expertise from both formal and non-formal institutions in a multistakeholder framework is likely to be more beneficial to farmers.


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