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Monday, September 28, 2015

1st continental Agri-Business Incubation Conference

Starting small is one inevitable. 
But staying small is inexcusable 
~ Prof. C. Kwesiga
28 -30 September 2015. Kenyatta International Convention Center (KICC), Nairobi, Kenya. The African Agribusiness Incubator Network (AAIN) has organised the 1st continental Agri-Business Incubation Conference & Expo in Africa, 2015.

This conference aims to create awareness about the opportunities that are available in agribusiness incubation and agribusiness sector for start-ups, SMEs and established agribusiness ventures.

Conference Themes
  • Agribusiness Incubation for inclusive development in Africa
  • Successful business modules for agribusiness incubation
  • Agro-Technologies for commercialisation/new business prospects
  • Gender mainstreaming in agribusiness incubation
  • Enabling African Agribusiness ecosystem
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) & Technology Commercialization
  • Agro Value chain and market devpt for agribusiness incubation
  • Fuelling agribusiness through agriculture value chain finance
  • Youth engagement and capacity building for sustainable agribusiness in Africa
29/09/2015 PAEPARD side event.
PAEPARD showcased the multi-stakeholder innovation partnerships it has been facilitating, especially the Users’ Led Process (ULP) in which non-research stakeholders are leading some consortia towards the engagement of key stakeholders in the ARD processes.

Since 2010, PAEPARD has facilitated the creation of 19 African-European multi-stakeholder consortia to which 5 ULPs have been added in the end of 2011 as follows:

1- Extensive Livestock value chain in Eastern Africa with Specific focus on Kenya and Uganda. 
2- Urban horticulture value chain in Central Africa with specific focus on Congo Brazzaville, DR Congo & Cameroon. PROPAC.
Patrice Sewade of Sojagnon
3- Rice value chain in West-Africa with specific focus on Benin, Burkina Faso and Mali. ROPPA.
4- Aflatoxin in groundnut value chain in Zambia & Malawi. FANRPAN.
5- Adding value to mango non-food uses in West Africa with specific focus on Burkina-Faso, Côte d’Ivoire & Senegal. COLEACP.

The AAIN conference in general and side event in particular offers an opportunity to profile the project in general and ULP approach in particular.
SOJAGNON-NGO And ProSAM consortium of Benin 
Exhibition of soybean products.

  • To profile PAEPARD II project in general and the ULP of EAFF in particular; 
  • To discuss and share lessons learnt from PAEPARD and ULP with participants 
  • To discuss issues related to funding the multi-stakeholder partnerships programs: at global, regional and national levels

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