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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

ARD funding opportunities


The Horizon 2020' Sustainable Food Security call
This is EC's main contribution to research and innovation in relation to Food and Nutrition Security in Europe and beyond. Its commitment to sustainability implies that particular attention is given to the interfaces between the economic, environmental and social dimensions of food production. The call advocates for food system approaches to tackle the inherent links between ecosystems, food production, the food chain and consumer health and wellbeing.

Download the ENHorizon 2020Work Programme 2018-20209. Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine,maritime and inland water research and the bioeconomy (133 pages).
  • SFS-12-2019: A vaccine against African swine fever January 2019
  • LC-SFS-34-2019: Food Systems Africa. Coordination and support action January 2019
  • FSFS-35-2019-2020: Sustainable Intensification in Africa. Research and Innovation action:
    A. [2019]: African Farming Systems, sustainable intensification pathways January 2019
    B. [2019]: Soil system for Africa January 2019
Feed the Future InnovationLab on Food Safety (FSIL)
The Food Safety Innovation Lab will design, lead and implement a program of food safety research and capacity building aimed at addressing the opportunities and challenges, and will additionally serve as a resource to Missions and their partners confronting on the role of food safety in inclusive economic growth, nutrition sensitive agriculture and a nutrition-sensitive approach, gender-sensitive and youth inclusive development, and resilience. (TEA) allows a maximum award ceiling of up to $30,000,000. Eligibility for this award is restricted to U.S. colleges and universities. Closing Date for Submission of Concept Notes: June 22, 2018

Systemic Solutions for Healthy Food Systems: The Positive Health Benefits and Impacts of Sustainable Food Systems
This work supports the Global Alliance for the Future of Food’s ongoing process of research and engagement related to the food-health nexus and involves compiling diverse evidence about the positive health benefits and impacts of food systems, identifying success stories that demonstrate how food systems can be managed for health, and highlighting policies that promote health. Deadline: Friday 27 July 2018
  • The Global Alliance is interested in an iterative process where research informs an ongoing dialogue with diverse partners and stakeholders to inform grant-making, highlight pathways to health-focused food systems reform, as well as stimulate local and global action that promotes and amplifies the positive benefits of food systems.
  • The Global Alliance understands all of its Impact Area work as interconnected.
  • This collaborative initiative will complement the recently released report commissioned by the Global Alliance, Unravelling the Food-Health Nexus: Addressing practices, political economy, and power relations to build healthier food systems – written by IPES-Food (the International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems), and four scoping paperscommissioned in 2015. The work will also contribute to the work of TEEB for Agriculture and Food, a project, supported by the Global Alliance, that has developed a holistic food system valuation framework. The food-health nexus research and engagement process will also build on and complement the forthcoming Beacons of Hope work which explores food systems transitions globally.
Conservation, Food and Health Foundation — Local Project Support
The Conservation, Food and Health Foundation supports special projects and programs in the areas of conservation, food, and health in low- and lower-middle-income countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. The foundation supports projects that demonstrate local leadership; develop the capacity of local organizations; and address a particular problem or question in the field. Eligibility extends to NGOs, community-based organizations and academic institutions. There is no maximum grant size. The average grant is approx. US$20 thousand. Grants exceeding US$30 thousand are rarely awarded. The next application deadline for concept notes is 01 July 2018

Conservation, Food, and Health Foundation — Grants for Grassroots Development
The CFH Foundation makes grants to nonprofit organizations for projects in conservation, sustainable agriculture, and health in low- and lower-middle-income countries of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. It prefers to support organizations located in low- and middle-income countries, or organizations located in upper-income countries whose activities are of direct benefit low- and middle-income countries. Most recent grants range from US$10 thousand to US$30 thousand. The deadlines for concept applications are 01 January and 01 July of each year.

Islamic Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation — Research Grants
ISESCO Research Grants are awarded for high-level and promising scientific research projects in the fields of agricultural biotechnology, biological sciences, and medicinal plants, among others. Researchers are awarded a maximum amount of US$10 thousand for a period of two years. Applicants should be national residents of OIC member states and be under the age of 40 years. Applications are accepted two times per year. The next application deadline is 31 July 2018.

Erbacher Foundation — Support for Rural Development
The Erbacher Foundation supports rural development in subject areas that include livestock husbandry, crop production, drinking water, and environmental protection. The priority countries are India, Tanzania, and Uganda. Applications are invited from Germany charitable organizations involved in development cooperation. Applying organizations need to have partnerships with local NGOs. The German institution is responsible for project administration and coordination. The next application deadline is 01 August 2018.


Young African Entrepreneurs Competition 2018
The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) is sponsoring a competition for young African entrepreneurs (less than age 40) to showcase their business innovations in agribusiness at the RUFORUM Biennial Conference in October 2018. Although the focus of the competition is agribusiness, business innovations in other themes (e.g., natural resources, meteorology, urbanization, green economy, etc.) will also be considered. The winners will have their expenses paid for travel to the conference in Nairobi, Kenya, and a cash award. Submissions are invited in English or French before 31 August 2018.  

Seed Grants for Women’s Micro-Credit Projects
Right Sharing of World Resources (RSWR) makes seed grants to support income-generating projects led by women. RSWR’s current priorities are grassroots organizations selected states and districts of India; Quaker groups in Kenya; and grassroots organizations in Sierra Leone. Projects include many in the production and sale of fruits and vegetables; meat and milk; grain crops; fish; fuelwood; and other enterprises associated with small-scale agriculture and rural livelihoods. The application deadline is 30 June.

Stiftung Entrepreneurship — Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition 2018
The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition is a global programme to mobilize youth-led innovations for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), co-organized by the Goi Peace Foundation, Stiftung Entrepreneurship and Digital Experts United. Young entrepreneurs (age 15-35) from around the world are invited to submit their innovative ideas and projects. Winners of the competition will be announced at the Entrepreneurship Summit in Berlin in October 2018 and will receive international recognition. The deadline for submission is 31 July 2018.

Bio-diversity, environment, climate change

Tackling climate change in agriculture: approaches to climate change adaptation in agriculture and climate smart agriculture
CCARDESA in collaboration with the University of Mauritius is implementing a regional training course with support of the German Development Cooperation (GIZ). The objective of the training is to strengthen the capacity of the SADC member states for climate change adaptation in agriculture and climate smart agriculture.

Corra Foundation — Climate Justice Innovation Funding
The Climate Justice Innovation Fund (CJIF) is open to any Scottish-based organisation, working in partnership with in-country partner(s), to support the delivery of climate justice-related projects in Malawi, Zambia or Rwanda. Projects can apply for up to £100 thousand over three years. Deadline 29 June 2018.


MYTOX-SOUTH traineeship call
MYTOX-SOUTH tries to strengthen the human capacity of partners in the South to mentor a new breed of innovators and young researchers. For this reason, MYTOX-SOUTH announces their 2nd call for research traineeships for PhD students for MYTOX-SOUTH partners. Deadline August 30th 2018

Africa Biosciences Challenge Fund 2017-2018
The Biosciences eastern and central Africa (BecA) Hub awards research fellowships to African agricultural researchers for short-term projects at the BecA-ILRI Hub in Nairobi. The Fund supports travel, accommodation, stipend, and research costs. Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis through 30 June 2018

NEPAD-SANBio mobility grants 
Supports regional and international travel and accommodation for individuals in the Biosciences field. Deadline: Open till December 2018

Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowships
Project requests to host scholars are submitted by universities and other higher education institutions in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda. Past scholars in the program have included several in agriculture, environment, and related disciplines. The next application deadlines are 06 July 2018.

United Nations University — Climate Fellowship Programme
The UNFCCC–UNU Early Career Climate Fellowship Programme offers young people from developing countries the opportunity to start their career at the interface between international climate policy development and research. Deadline: 16 August 2018.

RUFORUM-GODAN Action Open Data Management in Agriculture and Nutrition Online Course. Deadline: 27 June 2018

NAWA development assistance for Sub-Saharan Africa. Offers places in higher education institutions in Poland without any fees. Deadline: 15 July 2018
Applicants must be a national of, and resident in, Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, or Uganda. Deadline: 20 July 2018

Master of Science in Tropical Animal Health offered by the Institute of Tropical Medicine of Antwerp and University of Pretoria. Scholarships available for developing country applicants.Deadline: 15 August 2018

UNFCCC–UNU Early Career Climate Fellowship Programme. For young people from developing countries. Fellowships may last from six months to two years. Deadline: 16 August 2018

Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries Fellowship in Freshwater Science. Fellowships for PhD students, postdocs and senior scientists for 6-24 months. Deadline: 1 December 2018

Africa Women Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum — AWIEF Awards 2018
Nominations should only be made relating to achievements made by a female entrepreneur and national of an African country. Nominees can be nominated or self-nominated. The deadline for nominations is 02 July 2018.

Skål International — Sustainable Awards 2018
Companies, NGOs, government agencies, and educational institutions worldwide are welcome to submit an entry in one of nine available categories, including ‘Countryside and Biodiversity’ and ‘Marine and Coastal’. Deadline 30 June 2018.

IDRC Research Awards 2019
This call is open to Canadians, permanent residents of Canada, and citizens of developing countries who have recently completed, or are pursuing, a master’s or doctoral degree at a recognized university. The selected candidates will be granted a one-year paid program to undertake research and gain hands-on experience in research and program management. Deadline 5 September 2018

Takeda Foundation — Young Entrepreneurship Award
The Award is for young entrepreneurs trying to address real technological and social needs by creating goods and services that enhance the well-being of communities around the world. Past winners include projects in the field of water management, disaster-relief and biotechnology, among others. Deadline 30 June 2018.

Nominations for the Second Builders of Africa's Future Awards Now Open
The BAF Awards serves to showcase and award entrepreneurs who are running early-stage for-profit and not-for-profits that are addressing Africa’s unique needs through technology or differentiated business models. These needs are in health, education, energy, financial inclusion, gender inclusion, nutrition, commerce, industrial development, and other socioeconomic good. Deadline: January 2019

Call for papers

Call for papers: Special Issue: “Science of scaling: connecting the pathways of agricultural research and development for improved food, income and nutrition security”
Manuscript submission deadline: 31 December 2018

Call for research application summaries/extended abstracts and posters for the RUFORUM Biennial Conference 2018. Deadline: 31 July 2018

Call for conference abstracts and posters for SciDataCon-IDW 2018 on the theme, ‘The Digital Frontiers of Global Science’. The conference will take place on 5-8 November in Gaborone.New deadline: 25 June 2018

Call for abstracts for the 2nd International Conference on Food Safety and Security, 15-17 October 2018, Pretoria. Limited NRF sponsorships available for postgraduate students to present their research. Deadline: 30 June 2018

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