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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

UNFSS 2021 Pre-Summit Affiliated Session - Promoting actionable multi-stakeholder collaboration for inclusive and equitable food systems

26 July 2021. Actionable, inclusive, multi-stakeholder collaboration in the transformation of our food systems. Organised by the One Planet network’s Sustainable Food Systems (SFS), Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG), Switzerland, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Costa Rica, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

This event offered opportunities to: 1. To understand the importance of improving governance and multi-stakeholder partnerships to achieve sustainable food systems. 2. To learn from good practices and innovative models of multi-stakeholder collaboration for sustainable food systems transformation by cities and countries. 3. To discuss a set of principles for successful, inclusive and equitable food systems governance in support to the work of the Innovation Lever and the Governance and Planning Action Area. 
  • Moderator - Martina Otto, Head, Cities Unit, UNEP
  • Cristina Eghenter, Global Governance Policy Coordinator, WWF, Co-Lead OPN SFSP 
  • María Teresa Nogales, Executive Director of Fundación Alternativas 
  • Andrew Bovarnick, Global Head, Food and Agricultural Commodity Systems 
  • Prof. Pamela Mbabazi, Chairperson of the National Planning Committee, Uganda 
  • Lee Ann Jackson, Head of the Agro-Food Trade and Markets Division, OECD 
  • Caterina Ruggeri, Senior Advisor at SYSTEMIQ, UNFSS Governance Action Area 
  • Tom Arnold, Ireland Special Envoy on Food Systems : Ireland's agrifood strategy
  • Alwin Kopse, Head International Affairs & Food Security, FOAG (Switzerland), Co-Lead OPN SFSP

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