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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

UNFSS. Pre-Summit of the UN Food Systems Summit: Day 3

26 - 28 July 2021.
Rome. Pre-Summit of the UN Food Systems Summit. The Pre-Summit of the UN Food Systems Summit set the stage for the culminating global event in September by bringing together diverse actors from around the world to leverage the power of food systems to deliver progress on all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

29 July 2021. Pre-summit affiliated event: Launching a Coalition to strengthen accountability mechanisms for the food industry

    The Food Foundation and World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA), organised an affiliated event for Civil Society Organisations, funders and policymakers working internationally and in their own countries. 

    This event described the work towards a common “national benchmarking” methodology for measuring progress in the food industry towards healthy, just and sustainable food systems. This session included:
    • An overview of World Benchmarking Alliance’s Food & Agriculture Benchmark. 
    • An example of a successfully aligned ‘national spotlight’ benchmarking initiative from the UK. 
    • Input from other countries on the need for benchmarks in different regions. 
    • The opportunity to be part of the collation to help shape a toolkit for national benchmarks across the globe.


    • Opening Dialogue – Cities’ Commitments Hon. Giuseppe Sala, Mayor of Milan (Italy), Chair of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP) 
    • Mr. Mateusz Ciasnocha, CEO, European Carbon Farmers 
    • Keynote Remarks Ms. Pamela Escobar Vargas, Youth Activist 

    Panel Discussions – Vertical Integration 

    To Maximize Results This panel presented the case for more vertical integration in areas where the local and the national levels have both authority as well as distinct roles to play but where there is still room to improve coordination to maximize results.
    Topic 1 – Social Protection and Resilience 
    • Hon. Asher Craig, Deputy Mayor, Bristol (UK
    • Dr. Jane Battersby, Faculty Member, African Centre for Cities, University of Cape Town, South Africa 
    Topic 2 – Waste 
    • Ms. Yvette Cabrera, Director, Food Waste, Healthy People and Thriving Communities Program, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) 
    • Ms. Emma Chow, Lead, Food Initiative, Ellen McArthur Foundation 
    • Hon. Ricardo Nunes, Mayor, São Paulo, Brazil 
    Topic 3 – School Meals 
    • Ms. Betina Bergmann Madsen, Chief Procurement Officer, City of Copenhagen, Denmark 
    • Ms. Meti Tamrat, School Health and Nutrition Adviser to the Mayor of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    • Mr. Piercristiano Brazzale, President, International Dairy Federation 
    • Mr. Kim Dae Young, Seoul Municipal Agency for School Meals, Korea
    Topic 4 – Food Environment 
    • Hon. Joy Belmonte, Mayor of Quezon City, Philippines 
    • Ms. Nancy Roman, CEO, Partnership for a Healthier America 
    • Mr. Jeff Risom, Partner, Chief Innovation Officer, Gehl Hon. 
    • Manuel de Araujo, Mayor of Quelimane, Mozambique 
    Governance: Towards an Emerging Coalition 
    • Ms. Christine Gould, Founder and CEO, Thought for Food 
    • Mr. Peter de Franceschi, Global food program coordinator, ICLEI 
    • Hon. Mustafa Tunç Soyer, Mayor of Izmir, Turkey 
    • H.E. Owusu Afriyie Akoto, Minister for Food and Agriculture, Ghana


    The emerging School Meals Coalition organized a Ministerial session focused on school meals programs as drivers of food system transformation, while simultaneously improving education systems, child health and nutrition. Programs that provide nutritious food and are linked to local purchase and other health services, can transform local agriculture, increase resilience and sustainability. Scaling up these integrated programs will support pandemic recovery and serve as a powerful tool to accelerate action on the SDGs. Leading Ministers and partners discussed how build and contribute to this new collaboration before its official launch in fall 2021. 
    • Moderator Ms. Carmen Burbano, Director School-based Programmes, WFP 
    • Ms. Valerie Guarnieri, Assistant Executive Director, WFP 
    • H.E. Ville Skinnari, Minister for Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade, Finland 
    • Video on School Meals Coalition 

    Panel Discussion - “More than a Meal: School Meals as a transformational intervention for the entire food system” 

    • Ms. Bibi Giyose, Senior Advisor food and nutrition security, African Union Development Agency NEPAD 
    • H.E. Moussa Balde, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Infrastructure, Senegal 
    • H. E. Zoila Cruz, Minister of Development and Inclusion, Honduras 
    • H.E. Dr. Jewel H. Bronaugh, USA Deputy Secretary of Agriculture 
    • H.E. Julien Denormandie, Minister of Agriculture and Food, France 
    • H.E. José Ángel López Camposeco, Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Food, Guatemala 
    • Dr. Ibrahim Assane Mayaki, CEO, African Union Development Agency (AUDA-NEPAD) 
    • Video – Showcasing the impact of school meals on the full food system. 
    • Closing Remarks: Mr. David Beasley, Executive Director, WFP 


    Emerging research reveals: (a) the critical role aquatic foods already play in filling specific nutrient niches, protein and overall nutrition, and their untapped potential, and (b) the vast ‘hidden harvest’ of blue foods sustaining millions of poor and vulnerable people with income and food security. This session built on the evidence to support key policy, finance, and engagement convergence points, to assist food policy makers to join value chain actors, to ‘add fish to the recipe’ for food security, improved nutrition, and nature-positive production while encouraging and securing dignified livelihoods for a diversity of actors. 

    • Moderator - Mr. Jim Leape, William & Eva Price Senior Fellow and Co-Director, Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions 
    • H.E. Ine Eriksen Søreide, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Norway 
    • Mr. Peter Thomson, UN Special Envoy for Oceans 
    • Dr. Agnes Kalibata, Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General for the 2021 Food Systems Summit 
    • H.E. Maria Do Céu Antunes, Minister for Agriculture, Portugal 
    • Dr. Shakuntala Thilsted, WorldFish, World Food Prize Winner 2021 
    • H.E. Nasser Kamel, Secretary General, Union for the Mediterranean 
    • Ms. Barkha Mossae, Global Shaper, Port Louis Hub 
    • Ms. Sanda Ojiambo, Executive Director, UN Compact Statement of Support H.E. Frank Bainimarama, Prime Minister, Fiji


    The UN Secretary-General has called on world leaders to take part in the Food Systems Summit to help establish the future direction for food systems and accelerate collective action to that end. With food systems both contributing to and being impacted by climate change, land degradation and biodiversity loss, the outcomes of the Summit provide an opportunity to further build synergies between the three Rio conventions on these issues and their respective Conferences of the Parties. This session explored how these Rio Conventions can support transformations of the food systems while strengthening linkages and impacts of these agreements. 
    • Moderator - Dr. Martin Frick, Deputy to the Special Envoy, Food Systems Summit Secretariat 
    • H.E. Jean-Yves Le Drian, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, France
    • H.E. Ms. Teresa Ribera Rodriguez, Minister for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, Spain 
    • H.E. Christian Hofer, General-Director of the Federal Office for Agriculture, Switzerland 
    • H.E. Lord Zac Goldsmith, Minister for Pacific and the Environment Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), United Kingdom 
    • H.E. Joseph Séka Seka, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Cote d’Ivoire
    • H.E. Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Ministry of Environment, Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency, Egypt 
    • H.E. Prakash Javadekar, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, India 
    • H.E. St Clair Prince, Minister of Health, Wellness and the Environment, St Vincent 
    • Ms. Marije Beens, Vice Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Netherlands

    Perspectives of the three Rio Convention Principals 

    • Mr. Ibrahim Thiaw, United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD
    • Ms. Elizabeth Mrema, Executive Secretary, Convention on Biological Diversity CBD
    • Ms. Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC
    • Dr. Inger Andersen, Chair, UN Task Force and Executive Director, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP

    28 July 2021. Synthesis plenary

    Panel: Featured Themes from the Pre-Summit 
    • Moderator - Dr. Martin Frick, Deputy to the Special Envoy, Food Systems Summit Secretariat 
    • Ms. Tamisha Lee, President, Jamaica Network for Rural Women Producers 
    • Ms. Aili Keskitalo, President of the Sami Parliament, Norway 
    • Ms. Marie Claire Graf, Vice Chair for Youth, Champions Network and Real Food Systems 
    • Dr. Wai-Chan Chan, Managing Director, Consumer Goods Forum 
    Panel Discussion – Moving Forward through Country Leadership: Ministerial Feedback and Highlights  
    • Moderator: Dr. David Nabarro, Senior Advisor, Food Systems Summit Dialogues 
    • H.E. Mahendra Reddy, Minister of Agriculture, Environment and Waterways, Fiji 
    • H.E. Janusz Wojciechowski, Commissioner for Agriculture, European Commission
    Insights from Critical Voices – Counter Summit 
    • Representative of the Civil Society Mechanism of the Committee on World Food Security 
    Panel Discussion – Moving Forward 
    • Dr. João Campari, Global Leader, Food Practice, WWF International and Chair of Action Track 3 
    • Prof. Michael Quinn Patton, Author, Blue Marble Evaluation 
    • Dr. Claudia Sadoff, Managing Director, Research Delivery and Impact of the CGIAR System Organization (CGIAR
    • Dr. Jemimah Njuki, Custodian, Gender and Women’s Empowerment Lever of Change and Director, Africa, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI

    28 July 2021. Closing plenary

    This session culminated the three-day Pre-Summit by reinforcing the urgency of the moment and featuring additional tone-setting leadership by Member States and multi-stakeholder constituencies that can lead the way forward to the Food Systems Summit in September.

    It laid out the areas of convergence that will guide the work forward in the Summit process and see the launch of several systemic and transformative coalitions of action that help deliver on the vision of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 
    • Moderator – Mr. Jeff Koinange
    • Special Envoy Remarks – Dr. Agnes Kalibata, Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General for the 2021 Food Systems Summit 
    • His Royal Highness Prince Charles of Wales Strengthening National and Regional Pathways for Food Systems Transformation, UK
    • H.E. Mariam Al Mheiri, Minister of State for Food and Water Security, United Arab Emirates 
    • H.E. Olusola O. Idowu, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Budget and National Planning, Nigeria, and National Convenor 
    Constituency Commitments 
    • Ms. Anne Nuorgam, Chair, United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues 
    • Massimo Bottura, Chef and Food Systems Activist, Global Goodwill Ambassador
    • Youth representative Private Sector representative Producers’ representative
    Panel Discussion and Launch of Systemic, Transformative Coalitions of Action 
    • Representatives from up to 5 coalitions of action 
    Closing Panel – What It Will Take to Rise to Our Ambition for 2030
    • H.E. QU Dongyu, Director-General, Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) 
    • H.E. Gilbert Houngbo, President, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) 
    • H.E. David Beasley, Executive Director, World Food Programme (WFP) 
    Concluding Remarks – Strengthening Food Systems Leadership 
    • H.E. Luigi Di Maio, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Italy
    • H.E. Amina J. Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General, United Nations 

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