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Monday, March 27, 2023

AGRA webinars

28 March 2023
. Policy Interventions During Times of Crisis - by AGRA - Recording pending?

During times of crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine Crisis, countries often implement export restrictions on food and agricultural markets as crises policy measures to stabilize domestic prices, and to ensure food security. The impacts of restrictive trade policies affect consumer prices and welfare in global markets. 

In the long-term, export restrictions disincentivizes agricultural production that can negate short-term gains. The distributional effects of export restrictions significantly affect the poor in the food-importing countries by reducing trade and food supplies, raising food prices and reducing food and nutrition security.

The African Union Assembly, during its 36th Ordinary Session adopted the theme for 2023 as, “Year of the AfCFTA: Acceleration of Africa Continental Free Trade Area Implementation”. Critical to achieving this is addressing challenges around non-tariff measures (NTMs), which are the biggest bottle neck to intra-African food trade. 

This includes SPS procedures, import/export restrictions, state interventions in markets and inefficient customs procedures. As tariffs have come down, it has become increasingly apparent that a tangled web of rules, fees and high-cost services are strangling regional food trade in Africa.

29 March 2023.Soil Health and Carbon Farming. Can smallholder farmers afford it? - by
AGRA - Recording pending?

An expert panel of speakers will explore the ways in which soil health is a key enabler for crop resilience and performance, carbon sequestration and the overall achievement of food security practices.

Reflecting on the regenerative practices and cutting-edge technologies capable of restoring soil health, the panelists will analyze issues around accessibility, suitability and affordability amongst smallholder farmers – before determining the priorities for public-private sector engagement and action to foster progress.

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