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Monday, March 27, 2023

Agricultural data-driven strategies for development, food security, and resilience

30 March 2023
. InfoPoint Hybrid Conference: "Agricultural data-driven strategies for development, food security, and resilience" 

The recording is available here

Lack of access to data and limited transparency in production are hampering policy making and policy evaluation processes to develop sustainable agriculture and food systems.

The speakers will present two ongoing key initiatives, the Global Strategy to improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics (GSARS), led by FAO, and 50x2030 -a tri-party initiative of the World Bank, FAO and IFAD, working hand in hand to strengthen agricultural statistics systems in developing countries and address the agricultural data gap, setting the basis and providing the key tools to countries and the international community to address food security, achieve SDG 2 (Zero hunger) and monitor the impact of climate change on production and productivity as well as the adaptation strategies of the agricultural sector.
  • Leonard Mizzi, Head of unit Sustainable Agri-food systems and Fisheries, DG INTPA, EC
  • Neli Georgieva, Coordinator of the Global strategy to Improve agricultural and rural statistics, phase II, FAO
  • Abul Azad Kalam, Lead Resource Mobilization 50x2030 Initiative, Development Data Group, The World Bank
  • Alexandre Biaou, Director for Agricultural statistics at the Ministry of Agriculture of Benin.

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