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Monday, April 22, 2024

Sixth African Science, Technology and Innovation Forum

21 - 22 April, 2024
. Sixth African Science, Technology and Innovation Forum
  • Effective delivery of innovative science and technology solutions to reinforce the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Agenda 2063, and to eradicate poverty in Africa
  • Concept Note [English] | [French] | [Arabic]
  • Programme of work [English] | [French] | [Arabic]
The Sixth African Science, Technology and Innovation Forum (ARSTIF) was held from in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The ARSTI Forum reviews SDGs selected the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) which for 2024 will include Goal 1 (Poverty), Goal 2 (Hunger), Goal 13 (Climate Change), Goal 16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions) and Goal 17 (Partnership for the Goals) and the corresponding goals of Agenda 2063.

The theme of the sixth African Science, Technology and Innovation Forum was “Effective delivery of science, technology and innovation solutions to reinforce the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Agenda 2063, and eradicate poverty in Africa”.

21/04 Policy dialogue on building inclusive, effective and accountable institutions in the fields of science, technology and innovation (Goal 16) for integrated climate action (Goal 13) in Africa

This session looked at how Africa can build inclusive, effective and accountable STI institutions that can tackle the challenges posed by climate change. How can our traditional hierarchical institutions be transformed to create open spaces for debating, sharing views, asking questions and for continuous searching for solutions to climate change? How and where should Africa direct its human capital development, and investment in R&D, innovation, entrepreneurship and industry to make major contributions in addressing climate change to achieve sustainable development? What are the emerging practices, evidence and solutions that can be scaled up in Africa? 
  • Moderator: Inter-regional advisor, UNECA, Frank Rutabingwa 
  • Future Earth Africa Hub Leadership Centre, University of Pretoria, Dr. Daniel Nyanganyura. 
  • CEO - Research and Community Engagement Affairs, Ministry of Education, Ethiopia, Dr. Solomon Benor, 
  • President, African Materials Research Society, Senegal, Professor Balla Diop Ngom 
  • Director, Science and Technology Policy Research Institute, Ghana, Dr. Wilhemina Quaye 
  • Senior Environmental Affairs Officer, TCND, ECA, Linus Mofor 
  • Research and Policy Officer, South Africa Climate Action Network, Moliehi Mafantiri 

21/04 High-level policy dialogue on building capacity in science, technology and innovation to eradicate poverty (Goal 1) and hunger (Goal 2)

This session explored elements that have kept both the number of poor and hungry people in Africa high; measures to address food availability, accessibility and businesses that create real paying jobs to create wealth; the potential rise of agro-processing industries as well as inputs (e.g. fertilizer, animal feed, energy producers) in reducing production costs and diversifying exports among other policy measures. It also addressed the importance of human capital development, knowledge and innovation in meeting both goals.
  • Moderator: Coordinator, African Materials Research Society, Samuel Chigome
  • Minister of Agriculture, Ethiopia, Hon. Ato Girma Amente 
  • Minister of Planning and Development, Ethiopia, Hon. Dr Fitsum Assefa Adela 
  • Director, Multilateral Cooperation and Africa, Department of Science and Innovation, South Africa, Mandry Ntshani 
  • Government Affairs and Public Policy, Public Affairs Manager, Google SSA, Alex Nyingi
  • Senior Private Development Sector Specialist, World Bank, Alejandro Espinosa-Wang, 
  • President, State University of New York Polytechnic Institute, United States, and Founder, African Materials Research Society, Prof. Winston Oluwole Soboyejo virtual 
  • Director AU Global Office and Representative to the AUC and UNECA, WFP, Dr Hameed Nuru 
  • Director of East and Southern Africa, IFAD, Ms. Sara Mbago-Bhunu (Virtual) 
  • Director for East and Southern Africa, UNFPA, Ms. Lydia Zigomo (virtual) 
  • SDG Integration Advisor for the African Region, UNDP, Dr Frederick Mugisha

22/04 Policy dialogue on using the African Continental Free Trade Area as a springboard for the development of science, technology and innovation. Video @07:02:03

This policy dialogue addressed, among others, the role science and innovation is or should play in the operational phase of the AfCFTA; determine what policy interventions are required, especially at regional and national levels to unlock the opportunities presented by the operationalization phase for STI; and unpack at a practical level how different aspects of the operationalization phase may be monitored. 
  • Moderator: Director Africa Multilateral Cooperation, Department of Science and Innovation, South Africa Ms Mandry Ntshani 
  • South African Research Chair in Industrial Development, University of Johannesburg, South Africa, Professor Fiona Tregenna (Online) 
  • Trade Attaché (Counsellor) and Senior Trade Negotiator to the AfCFTA, Embassy of the Republic of Angola in Accra, Ghana, Mr Rui Livramento (Online) 
  • Head, Science, Technology and Innovation Policy and Partnerships, African Academy of Sciences, Kenya, Nkem Khumbah 
  • Portfolio Manager, Technology Innovation Agency, South Africa, Dr Tozamile Rubuluza 
  • Chief Scientific Officer, Tokabio, South Africa, Dr Phiyani Lebea

22/04 Leveraging the International Decade of Sciences for Sustainable Development to promote science, technology and innovation in Africa 

The session discussed strategies for strengthening STI education, training, and research infrastructure in Africa to build a skilled workforce and promote ECA/STIF/2024/INF/2 8/11 knowledge creation and dissemination; explore initiatives to support the growth of innovation ecosystems in Africa, including incubators, accelerators, and technology parks, to foster entrepreneurship, technology transfer, and collaboration between academia, industry, and government; identify priority areas for STI intervention to address key societal challenges in Africa, such as healthcare, agriculture, energy, and environmental sustainability and discuss innovative solutions and partnerships to drive impact at scale; examine the role of digital technologies, including artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain in accelerating STI and promoting inclusive development in Africa; and discuss strategies for harnessing the potential of digital innovation 
  • Moderator: Chief of Basic Sciences, Research Innovation, and Engineering Section, Natural Sciences Sector, UNESCO, Ms Amal Kasry 
  • Keynote speaker: President of UNESCO General Conference, H.E. Amb. Simona-Mirela Miculescu 
  • Assistant Director-General for Natural Sciences (UNESCO), Lidia Brito 
  • Executive Director, African Academy of Science, Kenya, Dr Peggy OtiBoateng (online)
  • Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development, Secretariat, International Research and Training Center for Science and Technology Strategy under the Auspices of UNESCO (CISTRAT), Dr. Yang Jing 
  • Director, Future Africa and Strategic Advisor on Transdisciplinarity and Global Knowledge Networks, University of Pretoria (tbc), Heide Hackmann (online)
  • Member of the Steering Group of the Earth-Humanity Coalition, Professor of Earth Politics, Faculty of Humanities, University of Cape Town, Prof. Lesley Green
  • Manager, Emerging Markets Public Affairs, Google, Alex Nyingi 
  • Scientific Research Advisor to the Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Technological Innovation, Republic of the Congo, Gabin Dimitri Ngantso, (tentative) 

22/04 Partnership in Action: Closing Funding Gaps to Accelerate Sustainable Development, the African Union-European Union Innovation Agenda 

Co-chair: EU Delegation to the African Union, Dr Laurent Bochereau, 
General scene-setting: The AU-EU Innovation Agenda
Commissioner for Education, Science, Technology & Innovation, African Union Commission, H.E. Prof Mohamed Belhocine

Sub session 1: How can STI4SDGs roadmaps help to mobilise and effectively guide STI investments decisions towards the most pressing SDGs? 

  • Introduction: Team Leader, Joint Research Centre, European Commission, Dr Angela Sarcina
  • Assistant Director-General for Natural Sciences, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Ms Lidia Arthur Brito
  • Director Science and Technology Policy Research Institute, Republic of Ghana, Dr. Wilhemina Quaye 
  • Head of Science, Technology Development and Outreach Department at National Council for Science and Technology (NCST), Republic of Rwanda, Mr Louis Sibomana
  • Director General, Division of Science, Technology and Innovation, Ministry of Investment, Entrepreneurship and Industry, Republic of Seychelles, Ms Cynthia Alexander 
  • Director of the Transformative Innovation Africa Hub (TIAH), University of Pretoria; Director of the Africa Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium (TIPC) at the University of Sussex Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU), Mr Daniel Chux 
  • Moderator: Scientific Affairs Officer, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), Dr Victor Konde,

Sub session 2: How can the Innovation-Agenda help innovators access finance and grow their activities faster and in a more sustainable way? 

  • Introduction: Director for Africa Multilateral Cooperation at the Department of Science and Innovation, Republic of South Africa, Ms Mandry Ntshani
  • Officer at ENRICH in Africa, Ms Mélanie Mwangi
  • Founder of Angular Creative Labs, Mr Thato Kasongo
  • Founder of Mawejje Creations, Mr Dimma Mawejje Muhammed
  • Founder of YEWGlobal & ELO Petroleum, Ms Edma Lawer, 
  • Founder and CEO minoHealth AI Labs, karaAgro AI, Runmila AI Institute, Gudra AI Studio, Mr Darlington Akogo 
  • Co-founder of BACE Group, Ms Charlette N’Guessan
  • Moderator: Expert for GMES & Africa Program African Union Commission, Dr Taibou Ba

Sub session 3: How can innovation funders mobilise the AU-EU Innovation Agenda to identify bankable and truly innovative projects? 

  • Introduction: Director of Science Technology and Innovation in the National Council for Scientific Research and Technologies (CNRST), the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, Prof Mokhtar Sellami
  • Founder of VC4A, Mr Ben White

    VC4A is the leading platform supporting entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and business professionals, strengthening the startup community in Africa, Latin America and beyond.

    He mentioned the African Early stage investors summit 2024 (November Cape Town South Africa)

  • Advisor on Economic Integration, Office of the Secretary, General of the African Continental Free Trade Area, Dr Francis Mangeni 
  • Country Director to Ethiopia and AU, KfW Development Bank, Mr Jonas Dylla 
  • Co-Founder of Villgro Africa, Dr Robert Karanja
  • Moderator: Science Counsellor at the Swedish Embassy in Addis, Dr Amina Jama


The Dashboard of initiatives contributing to the implementation of the AU-EU Innovation Agenda


Africa Early Stage Investor Summit - 7th - 9th OCTOBER 2024 | LONDON + Free access to the AFSIC African Investments Dashboard for institutional investors
Africa Early Stage Investor Summit - NOVEMBER 2024 | Cape Town, South Africa


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Africa’s Business Heroes 2024 = Applications close May 19
GoGettaz Agripreneur Prize Competition 2024 = Applications Closes June 10, 2024
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