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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Participatory research for social learning and conservation of forest fruit trees

Published on 11 Dec 2014
Bioversity International and Life Trust work with local communities of the beautiful forests of India’s Western Ghats - one of the planet’s major biodiversity spots. Different gender and socio-cultural groups were brought together to exchange their knowledge on native fruit trees. This resulted in the creation of a women’s group to sell new products from local fruits. The film documents the experience of Yenki and Nageveni, members of this women’s group, and Narasimha Hegde, the researcher who led the project in the field.

The short version of the film ‘Climbing to survive’ (5min) is centered around a story of Yenki, the woman who depends on forest resources for her livelihood. There is also a longer version'Participatory Research for Social Learning and Conservation of Forest Fruit Trees' (10 mins) which includes a couple of other interviews highlighting the way in which participatory research on forest resources was conducted and its value for social learning and better quality of data. You can read more about the participatory production of the videos in this post.

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