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Friday, February 13, 2015

West Africa Networking Forum of ECHO

27-29 January 2015. Ouagadougou.  This ECHO Forum was geared toward enabling networking related to alleviating hunger and poverty by those persons serving Africa's poor. ECHO is a global Christian organization that equips people with agricultural resources and skills to reduce hunger and improve the lives of the poor.

ECHO’s West Africa Impact Center is under
the Direction of Mr. Robert Sanou (left picture).
(at the right: Stan Doerr, CEO ECHO)
Three mornings of plenary sessions featuring knowledgeable and experienced speakers were followed by afternoon workshops and discussion groups led by regional agricultural development workers and experts. Topics addressed included:
  • Foundations for Farming - Theory and practice (extended sessions)
  • Major challenges and solutions in African agriculture
  • Grafting 
  • Food production and nutrition for animals
  • Useful agricultural plants in sub-saharan region
  • Moringa and other life-giving plants

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