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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Land and Water Resources Management in the Dry Areas under Climate Change

La séance d’ouverture en présence de 
l' IRESAet les directions de l’ACSAD, l’ICARDA et l’IRD.
11 to 14 May 2015. Djerba Island, Tunisia. The Institut des Regions Arides (IRA) and its partners ILDAC2015 International Conference on: “Integrated Land  and Water Resources Management in the Dry Areas under Climate Change”.

  • Updates on climate change and projections.
  • Present recent development in land and water resources management in the drylands.
  • Provide forum for debate and exchange among all stakeholders working for drylands development.
  • Learn from the local experiences in combating land degradation and desertification.
Theme 1: Climate change- UNFCC and IPCC reports
- CC projections/scenarios and downscaling
- CC adaptation strategies
Theme 2: Water resources mobilization and management- Surface and groundwater mobilization
- Non-conventional resources (desalination, treated wastewater, gray water, etc.)
- Water use efficiency/productivity and irrigation methods
- Water resources modeling
- Extremes: drought, flooding, etc.
- CC impacts on water resources
Theme 3: Land and vegetation cover degradation and remediation- Process and indicators of land/vegetation degradation
- Carbon sequestration
- Ecosystem services
- Remediation practices and strategies to combat land degradation and desertification
- CC impacts
Theme 4: Geo-information and Remote Sensing technologies- Change detection of land degradation
- Land Use/Land Cover mapping
- Databases and information sharing
- Telemetry
- Geo-information based decision making systems
Theme 5: Socio-economic aspects and integrated approaches- Valuation of land degradation
- Land degradation impacts on livelihood
- Cost benefit analysis of remediation practices
- Mainstreaming CC in planning strategies
- Integrated participatory approaches for sustainable development

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