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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Upscale and Out-scale EbA-driven agriculture In Africa

UNEP, April 2015, 50 pages

Report with the findings of the Continental Task Force Members on EbA for Food security in Africa.

Africa faces a myriad of hurdles on its way to achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the post-2015 development agenda. Climate change, population growth, youth bulge, widespread unemployment, extreme poverty and hunger are some of the challenges that the continent is grappling with. Africa’s agricultural potential is immense. It is estimated the continent holds up to 65% of the world’s arable land and 10% of internal renewable fresh water sources

On incomes and poverty reduction, evidence from the World Bank is reported that in Africa, a 10% increase in crop yields translates to approximately a 7% reduction in poverty, greater than the 5% reduction reported in Asia. Neither the manufacturing nor services sectors can achieve an equivalent impact. The reason for this could be that in Africa, agriculture is not only a source of food but of livelihood, employing up to 60% of labour in the continent, a majority being small holders at 60%.


The 2nd Africa Ecosystem Based Adaptation for Food Security Conference 2015
30 Jul 2015 - 31 Jul 2015, Nairobi, Kenya

This event "the 2nd Africa Food Security and Adaptation conference (AFSAC2)" is taking place on July 30 to 31, 2015. The theme this year is: Africa’s Soil the New Frontier: Re-imagining Africa Food Security Now and into the Future Under a Changing Climate. No fees are required to participate in this conference. For more information and registration, please visit the website:
  • UN Organisation(s): UNEP
  • Partner(s):FAO, African Union, World Agroforestry Center , Africa Adaptation Knowledge Network, Nestle, Pan African Climate Justice Alliance, International Center for Tropical Agriculture, IUGG Union-Commission on Climatic and Environmental Change, Biodiversity International, EcoAgriculture Partners, Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network , African Center for Economic Transformation, Greenpeace, International Center for Biosaline Agriculture, ActionAid, The Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa, African Centre for Technology Studies
The Ecosystem Based Adaptation programme aimed at enhancing food security and climate change adaptation by demonstrating how to build climate resilient, ecologically-sound food systems in sub-Saharan Africa. This project will implement "demonstration projects" in countries and use the results to build capacity that will inform food security and climate change policies at the national and regional levels.

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