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Saturday, May 23, 2015

SAVE FOOD Annual General Meeting

12 May 2015. Vevey, Switzerland. In collaboration with Messe Düsseldorf, the  SAVE FOOD Annual General Meeting focused on “Raised interest for private sector project support”. The meeting present cases of successful private sector projects, and show opportunities for collaboration with the public sector in the framework of the Save Food Initiative. The expected outcome of the meeting was increased commitment of private companies to support projects on FLW.
Session 1: SAVE FOOD – Public private sector collaborations
  • Review of SAVE FOOD and related FAO initiatives – Robert van Otterdijk, SAVE FOOD Project Coordinator, FAO [Download presentation]
  • UNEP “Think Eat Save” guidelines and synergies with SAVE FOOD – James Lomax, Food Programme Officer in UNEP’s Division of Trade, Industry and Economics [Download presentation]
  • The mango project in Kenya: Reduction of food loss across the value chain. How a market based approach is creating benefits to suppliers, farmers, processors and consumers. Showing that multi-party collaboration can reduce Mango losses and build a sustainable business while doing so –Marc-Peter Zander, Partner & CEO, XCOM Africa GmbH [Download presentation]
  • Improved Food Packaging for SMAEs in Developing Regions
    - Improving food packaging for Small and Medium Agro-Enterprises in Sub-Saharan Africa –Daniele Vacchi, IMA Director of CorporateCommunication [Download presentation]
    - Proposals for a Center Focused on Appropriate Food Packaging Development – Alberto Vacchi, IMA Charman [Download presentation]
  • Mainstreaming Food Loss Reduction Initiatives for Smallholders in Food-Deficit Areas
    - FAO/IFAD/WFP joint project funded by Swiss government – Mireille Totobesola-Barbier, Project Leader, FAO [Download presentation]
    - Business models for improved postharvest management – Philippe Monteil, Thematic Advisor, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation [Download presentation]
  • The community of practice
    on food loss reduction
  • The Role of Packaging in reducing food waste and ensuring resource efficient food consumption globally – Stefan Glimm, Executive Director, EAFA und FPE [Download presentation]
Session 2: Entrepreneurial and innovative initiatives
  • Nestlé path towards zero food wastage – Hélène Lanctuit, Sustainability and novel packaging senior specialist, Nestlé
  • Making food safe and available in emerging markets – Products and Projects – Tetra Pak –Hemant Krashak, Product Director, Tetra Pak [Download presentation]
  • Surplus food distribution with the GFN – Jeff Klein, President and CEO, The Global FoodBanking Network [Download presentation]
  • BON et Bien – A new social business to support local employment and combat food waste –François Tasmowski, Corporate Social Responsibility & Communications Director, McCain Foods Continental Europe [Download presentation]
  • Initiatives to reduce food waste by E.Leclerc, a big European retailer chain –Thomas Pocher, independent store owner, member of the E.Leclerc organization in northern France
  • Startups using surplus food in Europe – Michael Minch Dixon, Co-founder of Snact and founding member of the European Food Surplus Entrepreneurs Network [Download presentation]

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