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Monday, December 10, 2012

2nd Annual Conference on Biopesticides

5 - 6 December 2012. Berlin. Informa Life Sciences' 2nd Annual Conference on Biopesticides. The Informa Life Sciences Annual Biopesticide conference is a two-day event with more than 100 industry attendees ranging from small and medium-sized biopesticide companies to large multinational agrochemical organizations including Monsanto, Becker Underwood, Syngenta and more. The event delivered a comprehensive review of the biopesticide industry, including the diverse regulatory environment through the eyes of various European agencies.

  • Gain a global update on biopesticides with speakers from USA & Europe 
  • Keynote sessions from 5 Regulators and The European Commission
  • speed networking and interactive panel sessions
  • real-life case studies on market access, product registration from those who have gone through the process
A Pre Conferenece Workshop was organised on 4 December 2012: A Masterclass on Biopesticide:
  • An introduction to biopesticides
  • Definining biopesticides and the complexities that surround such a definition
  • Background information relating to topics that will be discussed throughout the two day event
MBI CEO Pam Marrone opened the conference with “A Critical Analysis of the Biopesticides Industry,” including her perspective on the state of the industry, the advantages and disadvantages of biopesticides, current challenges facing the industry and the future outlook. Additionally, Marrone examined the biopesticide discovery process targeting nematicides and herbicides
“Over the last decade, the use of biopesticides has increased significantly due in no small part to improved performance and safety, reduced residues and shorter and less costly development process,” said Marrone. “Though the industry continues to face regulatory challenges for registration worldwide, biopesticides are increasingly becoming an important part of overall pest management programs as their performance matches that of chemical pesticides. This is leading to current expectations that biopesticides will significantly outpace the growth of chemical pesticides in the next few years to reach $3 billion by 2014”.
Pam Marrone is the CEO and founder of Marrone Bio Innovations , a leading developer of environmentally-responsible biopesticides. When compared with conventional chemicals and pesticides, the natural products developed at MBI result in healthier plants and a safer environment. In bringing natural alternatives to market for organic and conventional growers, Pam has built a successful business model within a growing industry -- all while helping to make our food safer and reduce pollution in our water and air that can put workers and consumers at risk.


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