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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

PAEPARD: ARD funding opportunities


Grants Program 2013.
Youth for International Development (YFID) invites applications from youth-based and community-based organizations worldwide for grassroots projects in agriculture and agribusiness, environmental initiatives, capacity building, and other themes. The proposal deadline is 08 April 2013.

Proposals regarding one of the following thematic fields can be submitted.
● Renewable Energies specific call text RE
● Interfacing Challenges specific call text IC
● New Ideas specific call text NI
Participanting countries: Afrique du Sud, Allemagne, Autriche, Belgique, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Egypte, Finlande, France, Kenya, Pays-Bas, Norvège, Portugal, Suisse et Turquie. 
Deadline 15 April 2013.

Basic Research to Enable Agricultural Development
This is a partnership of the U.S. National Science Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to support research that addresses key constraints to smallholder agriculture in the developing world. BREAD announces an Ideas Challenge of up to 25 prizes of US$10 thousand each for ideas on potentially transformative research. The competition is open worldwide to individuals at universities, non-profit research institutes, and other organizations associated with education and research. The winning ideas will determine the focus of proposals in a subsequent phase of the program. Submissions to the Ideas Challenge will be accepted from 01 April 2013 through 30 April 2013.

Research on Economic Growth, Call 2.
DFID-ESRC announced a second call of the DFID-ESRC Growth Research Program. The program is open to researchers in the UK and other countries. Research themes include one on Agriculture and Growth. The minimum funding is £100 thousand for projects of one to three years. Outline proposals are due no later than 25 April 2013

The EC funds technical and financial assistance to help banana-producing countries that export bananas to the EU, including Cameroon. The EC will make grants for increased productivity of dessert bananas to producers and exporters established in Cameroon. Grants are €500 thousand to €1 million, subject to co-financing requirements. Reference EuropeAid/134022/L/ACT/CM. The application deadline is 27 May 2013.

Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP) -- 3rd Call, Public Sector. 
GAFSP announces its third call for proposals in the Public Sector Window for programs and projects that strengthen agriculture and lessen food insecurity in low-income countries. GAFSP intends to fund 4-5 proposals for a total of US$175 million. Applications (English and French) are invited from governments in 18 eligible countries of which following African countries: Burundi ; Ethiopia ; The Gambia ; Liberia ; Malawi
Niger ; Rwanda ; Senegal ; Sierra Leone ; Tanzania ; Togo. The closing date for applications is 05 June 2013.

B I O D I V E R S I T Y 
Energy Business Plans
WAFCEF is a partnership of several organizations to support entrepreneurs, start-up companies, and existing companies to invest in projects of clean energy for West Africa. WAFCEF invites business plans from relevant applicants to compete for the West African Clean Energy Financing Awards. Three projects will be chosen for financing. The deadline for applications (English or French) is 30 April 2013.

C L I M A T E   C H A N G E 

Climate Change Adaptation in Africa and Asia
Canada's IDRC, jointly with the UK's Department for International Development (DFID), will fund three research consortia under the Collaborative Adaptation Research Initiative in Africa and Asia (CARIAA). The goal is to increase the resilience of the poorest and most vulnerable populations in the climate "hot spots" of CARIAA's eligible countries, drawing on regional and inter-regional collaboration. The program is open to research teams from academic institutions; private sector organizations that have a research mandate; NGOs and other civil society organizations; and research-based organizations. Grants are up to CAN$15 million per consortium. The deadline for concept notes is 04 April 2013.

ACP-EU II Energy Facility, 2nd Call for Proposals
The EC will make grants to expand and improve renewable energy and energy efficiency in the African countries of the ACP (African, Caribbean, and Pacific countries). The grants will focus on scaling-up already proven successful actions. The program is open to state and non-state organizations in the EU (and its acceding and candidate countries); the European Economic Area; the ACP countries; and other least-developed countries. Grants will range from €4 million to €8 million, subject to cost shares. Reference EuropeAid/133481/C/ACT/Multi. The deadline for proposals is 03 June 2013.

Research on Climate Change 2013. 
The Research Council of Norway funds research to increase knowledge about natural and anthropogenic climate change. Grant proposals should address one or more specific research questions identified in the call for proposals. The Research Council particularly welcomes proposals that promote the internationalization of the research, including professional exchanges. Applications are invited from universities, university colleges, independent research institutes, and other research groups. The deadline for proposals is 10 April 2013.

CTI's Private Financing Advisory Network (CTI PFAN) seeks to identify promising projects for adapting to climate change which have the capability of raising private financing. Projects can be proposed in agriculture and agribusiness; water and sanitation; energy; forests and ecosystem services; and other subject areas. Selected projects will be offered free professional advice on project development and structuring, and will be connected with investment networks. The program is open to private companies and individuals, public-private partnerships, local governments, and NGOs. Applications from all Sub-Saharan African countries will be considered, with priority for projects in Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Senegal, South Africa, and Uganda. The closing date for applications is 30 April 2013.

O T H E R  

The third Call for Proposals under the Intra-ACP academic mobility scheme 
The intra-ACP academic mobility scheme promotes cooperation between higher education institutions (HEIs) and supports mobility in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP) regions. Deadline of 10 June 2013

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