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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Announcement: World Symposium on Climate Change Adaptation 2015

2-4 September 2015, Manchester, UK. The World Symposium on Climate Change Adaptation will be organised by Manchester Metropolitan University (UK), and the Research and Transfer Centre “Applications of Life Sciences” of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany), in cooperation with the International Climate Change Information Programme (ICCIP) and the United Nations University initiative “Regional Centres of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development” (RCE).

This symposium will focus on “innovative approaches to implement climate change adaptation”, and will contribute to the further development of this fast-growing field. A set of presentations, divided into six main themes will be organised, distributed over parallel sessions dealing with some of the key issues of strategic value in the field of climate change adaptation. These are:
  1. Session 1: Technological approaches to Climate Change Adaptation
  2. Session 2: Implementing Climate Change Adaptation in Communities, Cities, Countries and via Outreach Programmes
  3. Session 3: Funding mechanisms and financing of Climate Change Adaptation
  4. Session 4: Climate Change Adaptation, Resilience and Hazards (including floods)
  5. Session 5: Information, Communication, Education and Training on Climate Change
  6. Session 6: Climate Change and Health
The Symposium will be of special interest to researchers, government agencies, NGOs and companies engaged in the field of climate change adaptation, as well as development and aid agencies funding climate change adaptation process in developing countries. The deadline for abstracts is 20th December 2014. Full papers are due by 30th March 2015.

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