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Thursday, September 13, 2018

The new USAID Feed the Future Learning Agenda

12 September 2018. Washington, DC. As part of Feed the Future Week 2018, the Board for International Food and Agricultural Development (BIFAD) hosted a public meeting and via live-stream on the new Feed the Future Learning Agenda

Content from the Meeting, including links to the video recordings, slides, and minutes, will be uploaded on the BIFAD Documents page.

The new Learning Agenda builds on the first Feed the Future Learning Agenda launched in 2012. Through the Learning Agenda, the U.S. Government seeks to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Feed the Future initiative by generating, synthesizing, communicating and applying evidence related to key questions. Evidence from the Learning Agenda will inform the design of Feed the Future-related strategies, programs, projects and activities.

The Phase 2 Learning Agenda focuses efforts on the eight areas below. Each is outlined in more detail in the draft overview document. See: Learning Agenda overview document for public comment
  1. Gender and women’s empowerment
  2. Market systems
  3. Policy systems
  4. Nutrition
  5. Risk and resilience
  6. Youth
  7. Water and WASH
  8. Scaling technologies and practices
Dr. Mark Keenum, BIFAD Chair, presided over the business meeting. The meeting included:
  • An update on a study commissioned by BIFAD and USAID on U.S. benefits and capabilities leveraged from strategic USAID investments in developing country agriculture and food security, led by Dr. Joseph Glauber, Senior Research Fellow at the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI).
  • Nutrition Learning Agenda Julie MacCartee, Knowledge Management & Learning Advisor, Bureau for Food Security, USAID 
  • Water and WASH Learning Agenda Stéphanie Maurissen, Senior Project Design Fellow- Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Advisor, Bureau for Food Security, USAID 
  • Gender and Women’s Empowerment Learning Agenda Farzana Ramzan, Monitoring,
    Dr. Rob Bertram opens the @USAID @FeedtheFuture
    Innovation Labs directors' meeting
    Evaluation, and Learning Advisor, Bureau for Food Security, USAID 
  • Youth Learning Agenda Susan Pologruto, Senior Democracy Advisor, Bureau for Food Security, USAID
  • Risk and Resilience Learning Agenda Jami Montgomery, Resilience Advisor, Center for Resilience, USAID Market Systems 
  • Learning Agenda Tatiana Pulido, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Advisor, Bureau for Food Security, USAID 
  • Policy Systems Learning Agenda James Oehmke, Senior Food Security and Nutrition Advisor, Bureau for Food Security, USAID 
  • Scaling Technologies and Practices Learning Agenda Jessica Bagdonis, Human and Institutional Capacity Development Advisor, Bureau for Food Security, USAID

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