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Thursday, May 20, 2021


20 May 2021. 12:00 PM East Africa Time
Pollinator Health #WORLD BEE DAY
FAO is organizing a virtual event under the theme “Bee engaged: Build Back Better for Bees”.

The event will be webcast live here.

We depend on bees and other pollinators for our existence. They play a vital role in agriculture and global ecosystems by maintaining our food supply and contributing to biodiversity and other ecosystem services. The vast majority of pollinators are wild, including over 20 000 species of bees and many types of butterflies, birds, bats and other insects. However, in many areas, bees, pollinators, and many other insects are declining in abundance and diversity. Most of these drivers are human-induced.

The celebration of World Bee Day on 20 May presents an opportunity to call for global cooperation and solidarity to ensure that we prioritize efforts to protect bees and other pollinators, thereby mitigating threats posed to food security and agricultural livelihoods and defending against biodiversity loss and environmental degradation. World Bee Day is also an occasion to raise awareness of how everyone can make a difference to support, restore and enhance the role of pollinators.

Africa Honey Consortium, commemorates World bee Day, with partners and stakeholders by implementing “Disruptive technologies in Honey Value Chain” to enhance quality through IT integrated production, processing, distribution for realization of SDG’s.
  • ApiTrace system –IT integrated food traceability, Pest & Pesticide Control Bronson Eranogwa – Chairperson AHC
  • Kenya Pilot project M/s Esther Mareka – COO AHC 
  • ApiTrace: Global Honey perspective & Pest & Pesticide Control Mr. Norman Guiver- Founder Uwatch / Bee Watch 
  • Regional Rep- West Africa M/s Naffie Ndey Ceesay
  • Continental perspective Dr. David Phiri - Subregional Coordinator for Eastern Africa and FAO Representative to the African Union (AU) and to the United Nations 
  • Global trade platforms/networking Ms. Jovana Savic – European Entrepreneurs CEA - PME
  • Agri-food Innovation technologies Dr. Edward Mungai- Group C.E.O: Kenya Climate Innovation Centre 
  • Honey : Research role Dr. Lusike Wasilwa- Director: Kenya Agriculture, Livestock and Research Organisation 
  • County Government -KITUI Mr. Emmanuel Kisangau – CEC:Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Cooperatives 
  • Africa Nutrition & Food traceability AUDA-NEPAD M/s Kefilwe Rhoba Moalosi–Program Manager:Nutrition Africa Union Development Agency-NEPAD 
  •  Academia : Role Prof. Amos Njuguna : United States International University – Africa, Global Agribusiness Management Centre 
  • Pan Africa Chamber of Commerce & Industry Wincate Muthini –Business Development:Pan Africa Chambers of Commerce 

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