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Thursday, December 2, 2021

African agriculture @ COP

Africa Pavilion @COP26

African regional organizations and partners provided a platform for discussion and ensure that Africa’s concerns and priorities are adequately considered during the climate change negotiation process. Below is the list of panels on agriculture and food systems:
  • 04/11 Sustainable African food systems: harnessing the power of digitalization, earth, wind, energy and people (AUDA-NEPAD and N8 Partnership).
  • 04/11 Role of innovation in transforming Africa’s food system under a changing climate (AUC –AUDA and AICCRA)
  • 04/11 Aligning Long-term Low Carbon Climate-resilient Development Strategies with NDCs and NAPs in the Agriculture Sector in Africa (AGNES)
  • 06/11 Technical forum on Private sector investment “Grown in the Great Green Wall” (African Union)
  • 08/11 High-level side-event on financing agriculture adaptation in Africa (African Development Bank)

FAO @ COP 26

FAO convened 65 discussions See: FAO at COP 26 + full list of events + ENB coverage of FAO side events + Videos United Nations - Climate Change COP 26.


IFAD promoted the role of small-scale producers in climate change adaptation and mitigation and creating resilient food systems. IFAD organized 31 events of which:
    • David Radcliffe, FCDO Consultant to ASAP (Moderator)
    • Vijay Kumar Thallam - Special Chief Secretary, Natural Farming, Government of Andhra Pradesh, India Agroecology
    • Elizabeth Nsimadala, PAFO + EAFF
    • Christophe Larose, Head of Sustainable Agriculture, EC/INTPA/F.3
    • “W.F. Hegel: Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion. - Nothing great development action has ever been accomplished without partnerhsips”.

European Union Side Events @ COP26

EU Side Events COP26 - Agriculture, land use, forestry YouTube channel of the European Commission EU Climate Action.

Below are the events related to agriculture and food systems.
  • 02/11 Supporting green & climate resilient development: local to global insights on the AU-EU Partnership. This event explored how the EU-AU Partnership can support a green and just transition in Africa – by DG INTPA.
  • 06/11 EU’s international cooperation on Circular Economy: a systemic response to climate change. The session showcased EU funded projects supported by the SWITCH programme - by DG INTPA.
  • 08/11 Achieving NDC commitments through transforming agri-food systems - by FAO
  • 08/11 Mobilising private sector engagement for climate-smart agricultural innovation - by WBA, SNV Netherlands and CCAFS
  • 08/11 Transforming agriculture and food systems through inclusion, resilience and low carbon action - by DG CLIMA, FAO, The Cacao Project
  • 08/11 Carbon Farming in a 2030 agenda for soil health and climate - by ECAF (European Conservation Agriculture Federation) - by the "4 per 1000" Initiative together with the three main actors of French scientific research INRAE, IRD and CIRAD; and South Pole.
  • 09/11 The EU-OACPS Partnership: strengthened cooperation on climate action and the use of science-based information to build resilience - by the Eu-funded programmes Intra-ACP GCCA+ and the Climate Services and Related Appliances (CLIMSA)
  • 09/11 Adaptation beyond the EU: perspectives for stronger cooperation with Africa.
  • 10/11 Green Deal as an Example for Green Recovery in Developing Countries and Subnational Governments

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