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Thursday, December 9, 2021

RUFORUM Triennial Conference and 7th Africa Higher Education Week

6-10 December 2021
. RUFORUM Triennial Conference and 7th Africa Higher Education Week

The Triennial conference aimed to; 1) Catalyse investment in Higher Education for strengthening Africa’s’ Science, Technology and Innovation Capacity, 2) Promote international linkages and partnerships for strengthening Higher Education in Africa, 3) Promote youth employment and skills acquisition for development, and 4) Strengthen University-Private sector business linkages.

As part of this Triennial convening, a number of events were held, notably; (i) a series of skills enhancement training for University researchers, students and other actors, (ii) exhibitions to profile research for development outcomes, (iv) specific convening to discuss topical issues affecting science, technology and innovation development in Africa; (v) meetings with policy and private sector leaders; and (vi) RUFORUM governance meetings. 

A number of pre-Conference events were held (see details in the

Some of the key Triennial events include the following:
  • Promoting Intra-Africa and Global Partnership for Higher Education in Africa: Link
  • University-Private Sector Engagement: Link
  • Ministerial Round Table Dialogue: Link
  • RUFORUM Board Meeting that will elect a new Board Chair and Vice-Chair to serve for the period 2022-2024: Link
  • High level policy dialogue on Tracking Agriculture Development in Africa: Link
  • High level policy dialogue on Building ST&I Capacity in Africa: Link
  • Official Opening Ceremony of the Seventh African Higher Education Week and RUFORUM Triennial Conference by President of the Republic of Benin and Recognition awards to 17 individuals making impact on Africa’s Development: Link
  • Reflections on Promoting inclusivity in Research and Development in Africa: Link
  • RUFORUM Business meeting: Link
  • Envisioning the future: A call for Action: Link
  • Recognition Awards for outstanding farmers and upcoming Scientists from Benin: Link

RUFORUM communication platforms:
 (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Flicker and the Conference Website)

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