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Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Opportunities & challenges of green transition for pastoralism & indigenous people in Africa

19 March 2024
. European Parliament. Opportunities & challenges of green transition for pastoralism & indigenous people in Africa 

The EU has committed itself to the green transition and is supporting its partners in their paths to sustainable economies through development cooperation. However, large renewable energy projects as well as new land-use plans that are considered and labelled as part of the green transition, may be at odds with traditional forms of land-use. Pastoralist people have traditionally grazed their herds on more than half of Africa's land and have already lost access to some of these lands through green energy, new sustainable land-use plans and tourism projects, including hunting reserves.

The workshop will provide an overview of the challenges and opportunities pastoralists face through green transition projects in Africa. Based on the analysis of cases from Kenya and Tanzania, the workshop will be an opportunity to discuss how the EU can ensure that green transition projects under its purview create more opportunities than challenges for pastoralists and other indigenous people in Africa.

Dr Jonathan Davies, Expert in Sustainable Land Management, Pastoralism, Rangelands, and Sustainable Agriculture.

He made a presentation based on his commissioned report “Opportunities and challenges of the green transition for pastoralism and indigenous people in Africa”. 
  • Jon’s report to the European Parliament will be finalised after Easter.
  • The focus was on the situation in Kenya and Tanzania
  • This was followed by a debate in the Parliament, including an input from the European Commission, and some responses by Jon at the end.
You can find the debate webstreamed here: - select “Committee on Development” - starting time was a couple of minutes after 10:30 CET.

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