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Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Exploring Agroecology: Current Insights and Emerging Research Frontiers

5 June 2024Exploring Agroecology: Current Insights and Emerging Research Frontiers

  • The Webinar is part of the RUFORUM 2024 Triennial Pre-Conference Webinar series.
  • Regional Multi actors Research Network (RMRN): Support to regional Regional Centers of Excellence related to Green transition - FARA RUFORUM component on Agroecology 


This knowledge brief aims to provide a set of evidence, based on a large-scale analysis of scientific articles (literature review, meta-analysis, models). There is a strong theoretical basis and empirical evidence that food security outcomes (availability, access, utilisation, stability) are as good or sometimes even better for agroecological systems than conventional alternatives. 

Four levers for agroecology supporting the positive impacts of agroecology on food security are analysed: 
  • crop diversification
  • legume-based systems, 
  • agroforestry and 
  • mixed crop-livestock systems


12-13 March 2024. The second Members Forum meeting of the Transformative Partnership Platform on Agroecology – or Agroecology TPP – was held in Nairobi and online.

Not only did the 2024 meeting provide an opportunity to share progress and assess key achievements, but it also helped to identify successful strategies, pinpoint existing challenges, and, collectively, determine priorities for the future, all the while enhancing synergies.

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