Platform for African – European Partnership in Agricultural Research for Development

Monday, June 3, 2024

Recordings May 2024: in chronological order

26 - 31 May 2024. The 9th International Symposium on Soil Organic Matter (SOM2024) VIDEO

30 May 2024. Navigating Co-Investment Grants: Lessons from Market Systems Development Programs RECORDED

  • Experts from programs in Rwanda, Serbia, and Southern Africa shared how they have supported enterprises with co-investment grants using a market systems development approach.
30 May 2024 Understanding the new dynamics of agri food trade  RECORDED

30 May 20240. How to Finance an Agroecology Transition: Innovations in Accessible and Affordable Credit Systems RECORDED
  • 2nd webinar in our Agroecology Economies Series 
30 May 2024. Digital Finance Services and South-South Collaboration
29 May 2024. Virtual Workshop Series of the AU-EU Innovation Agenda VIDEO
  • This series is comprising of seven virtual workshops that will focus on topics related to the priority areas of the AU-EU cooperation in Research and Innovation: Public Health, Green Transition, Innovation & Technology and Capacities for Science.
  • Recording will be available here
29 May 2024. 2024 Global Food Policy Report: Improving Diets and Nutrition through Food Systems: What Will it Take? RECORDED

28 - 30 May 2024. ICTforAg Localizing impact through inclusion, inspiration, and innovation RECORDED

27 - 30 May 2024. Rotterdam. World Seed Congress RECORDED
  • 27/05 Navigating the new global order: What is the future of seed trade?"
  • 28/04 Unlocking the full potential of plant breeding innovation across frontiers
  • 28/05 Innovative public-private partnerships for development
  • 29/05 launch 'Science2Seed'!
  • 29/05 Seeds4Food Coalition
  • 29/05 Seed Resilience project in Rwanda
22 - 25 May 2024. Transforming urban food systems: Unlocking the potential of open innovation in African cities RECORDED
23 May 2024. Innovation: a key enabler for sustainable food system transformation in Africa - Belgium presidency

20 May 2024. Fintech Startups Shaping the Future Inclusive Agrifood Systems RECORDED

16 May 2024. Designing and Implementing AgTech Innovation challenges and Competitions (AICC)
8 May 2024. Incentives for banks to invest in agricultural SMEs RECORDED

7 May 2024 Hybrid Policy Seminar, Globalization of the Bioeconomy: Recent Trends and Drivers of Bioeconomy Programs and Policies by IFPRI RECORDED

7 – 9 May 2024. Africa Fertilizer and Soil Health Summit (AFSH24RECORDED

2 May 2024. Hybrid Policy Seminar, Sudan at a Crossroads: Food Systems, Hunger, and Humanitarian Aid During Civil Conflict RECORDED

2 May 2024.Launch of the ‘Living Soils initiative’ in Africa RECORDED

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