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Thursday, May 9, 2024

East Africa Carbon Markets Forum

9-10 May 2024. East Africa Carbon Markets Forum, a premier event bringing together key stakeholders in the region's carbon markets.

The East Africa Carbon Markets Forum - a premier event bringing together key stakeholders in the region's carbon markets.

This forum serves as a dynamic platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and actionable discussions aimed at advancing sustainable development goals through carbon market initiatives.

Session: Carbon Credit Regulations Landscape in East Africa

  • Hon. Ruth Nankabirwa Ssentamu, Minister of Energy and Mineral Development  Uganda's Preparedness for Climate Finance and Urgency to Expand Clean Energy Access.
  • Marc Baker, CEO, Carbon Tanzania
  • Mahlon Walo, Chairman of CAMAK, CEO Afrinet Carbon
  • Daniel James, Founder & CEO, REGID International
  • Anete Garoza, Co-founder & Chief Climate Officer, 1MTN
  • Lily Ginsberg-Keig, Policy Manager, BeZero Carbon - A Credible and Transparent Carbon Market. 
  • Margaret Athieno Mwebesa, Commissioner for Climate Change, Ministry of Water and Environment, Uganda - Green Horizons: Charting Uganda's Journey Toward Climate Resilience 

Session: Exploring Article 6 and its Implications for East African Nations

  • Rehema Mbalamwezi, Vice president of UpEnergy’s Africa operations - The view from the ground: practical implementation of Article 6 Framework in Tanzania.
  • Sam Davies, CEO, FLUX
  • Kenneth Muhangi, Partner, KTA advocates
  • Ely Sandler, Policy Advisor, Seagrass
  • Molly Brown, Head of Carbon Strategy, BURN Manufacturing
  • Heather McEwan, Senior Manager, Africa and the Middle East, Verra - VIDEO: Opportunities for Africa

Session: How can voluntary carbon markets overcome credibility questions?\

  • William Otieno, Regional Lead, UNFCCC RCC East and Southern Africa (RCC EAS Africa) - Translating Policy into Action: Advancing Article 6 Implementation in East Africa.
  • Dr Max Graham, CEO, Space For Giants - VIDEO: Building Africa’s Carbon Economy
  • Ann Maina, Project Lead East Africa, Boomitra, 2024 Earthshot prize winner
  • Olya Grovel, Chief Growth Officer, Orbify
  • Molly Brown, Head of Carbon Strategy, BURN Manufacturing
  • Frederick Leuschner, co-founder and CEO Greentrade Tech

Panel Discussion: Sustainable Approaches to Carbon Dioxide Removal: A Long-lasting Perspective

  • Lily Ginsberg-Keig, Policy Manager, BeZero Carbon
  • Peter BenHur Nyeko, Co-founder and Managing Director, Mandulis Energy
  • Yifan Powers, Senior Research Manager, Climate Precision Development
  • Bhagyan Kekal, Director, Bukona Agro Processors Ltd.
  • Calvin Jodisi, President, African Summit on Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ASENTI)
  • Bryan Adkins, Co-Chair, Carbon Markets Association of Kenya (and NCN) - Convening a movement on carbon markets: experiences from the Nairobi Climate Network
  • Mahlon Walo, Chairman of CAMAK, CEO Afrinet Carbon
  • Dr. Sami Divleli, CEO of Net Zero Climate Investments - Harnessing Water Projects for Sustainable Development.

Panel Discussion: Road from COP28 to COP29 and what we need to achieve

  • Andrew Ocama, Climate Finance Advisor, Ethiopia Tony Blair Institute
  • Max William Matter, Senior Financial Sector Specialist, CGAP
  • Robert Mukiza, Director General, Uganda Investment Authority
  • Kristjan Raude, CEO and co-founder, 1MTN
  • Anete Garoza, Co-founder & Chief Climate Officer, 1MTN

Session: Impact Investing

Case Studies: Successful Impact Investing in East African Carbon Projects

  • Sivan Yaari, Founder & CEO of Innovation: Africa. From Sun to Water: Carbon Credits as a Pathway for Sustainable Water Projects in Africa
  • Bryan Adkins, CEO, Eden Reforestation Projects. Project and Policy Development in East Africa: Lessons and Areas for Improvement
  • Bianca Gichangi, Regional Lead for Africa, VCMI - Accelerating Green Growth in East Africa through Carbon Finance from High-Integrity Markets.
  • Lawrence Cole-Morgan, Global Markets: Lead, Carbon Credit Trading, Standard Bank - State of Carbon Markets in Africa and Climate Finance
Panel Discussion: COP28 Follow-up: How East Africa Can Unlock Billions for Nature-Based Carbon Solutions
  • Nikita Parfeniouk, Originator, Offset8 Capital Limited
  • Daniel Yin, CEO, Spouts International
  • Denis Mugagga, Climate Finance Unit, Ministry of Finance
  • Canary Mugume, News anchor at NBS Television and investigative journalist
Panel Discussion: Investing for the Planet: Strategies in Carbon Markets and Beyond
  • Ilkay Demirdag, Impact & Investment Strategist
  • Anete Garoza, Co-founder & Chief Climate Officer, 1MTN
  • Andreas Reger, Head of Project Development, Volkswagen ClimatePartner GmbH
  • Roy Kahangwe, Business Lead and Managing Director, Khala Labs

Session: Unleashing Africa's Potential

  • Patrick Ayota, Managing Director, NSSF - Navigating Corporate Climate Action.
  • Dr. Sophie Flack-Prain, Reporting & Insights Lead, Space Intelligence - Ecosystem Insights: Kenya’s Nature-based Opportunities
    • Reporting & Insights Lead at Space Intelligence, to explore Kenya through the lens of our national-level land cover data set, diving into key insights about the country’s natural capital, the challenges in mapping certain regions of the landscape via remote sensing, and how project developers and investors can use these data to maximise and showcase nature impact from forest carbon projects.
  • Kanyinke Sena, Governing Board Member, Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market (ICVCM) - VIDEO: How the work of the Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market impacts East Africa
Panel discussion: How Carbon Credits are Driving Sustainable Agriculture, Agroforestry
  • Caroline Kimani, Carbon Technical Expert, Climate Action Platform for Africa (CAP-A)
  • Alek Pillay, Senior Underwriter, Kita.Earth
  • Vincent Mainga, Country Director, Trees for the future
  • Carolina Fernandes, Global Head of Origination, Seagrass
Panel Discussion: Decarbonisation: Accelerating e-mobility in East Africa
  • Allan Muhumuza, Team Leader, Mobility Bureau at the Science, Technology and Innovation Secretariat – Office of the President
  • Rikki Verma, Founder, Nexus Green
  • Ivan Kwikiriza, Founder, Safelori
  • Asmahaney Saad, Partner, KTA Advocates

Session: Carbon Market Digitalisation

Einars Garoza, Partner, - From Data to Decisions: Tech Solutions for Climate Investment in Africa

Panel Discussion: Tech-Driven Resilience: Revolutionizing Climate Finance in Africa

  • Alexey Shadrin, CEO & Co-founder,
  • Hania Othman, Director Sustainable Impact EU/Africa, The HBAR Foundation
  • John Robert Turyakira, Deputy Executive Director, The Environment Shield
  • Nicholas Katongole, Co-Founder & Director, NileOrbital Aerospace

Panel discussion: Carbon Markets: Innovating Finance, Promoting Health, and Leading Consciously into the Future
  • Deniz Erkus, International Consultant for UNDP, CIO Sustainability at HealthSum
  • Kandia Milton, Government Affairs Director,
  • Julius Magala, Energy Access Coordinator at UNCDF
  • Ron Kawamara, Vice Chairperson, Uganda Tourism Board - Green Horizons: Exploring the Synergy Between Sustainable Tourism and Carbon Markets for a Greener Future.
Panel Discussion: The View from a Top: Strategies of Visionary Leadership in Dynamic World
  • Dr. Sami Divleli, Co-Founder & Chair of Net Zero Climate Investments
  • Victoria Joy Sibiya, Sustainability Business Manager, Next Media
  • Irene Mugisha, CEO of Presidential CEO Forum
  • Kristjan Raude, 1MT Nation


Evaluating the potential and eligibility of conservation agriculture practices for carbon credits
Published: 22 April 2024.

Carbon credits, a voluntary market mechanism to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, can incentivize climate action. We evaluate the potential and eligibility of Conservation Agriculture (CA) practices for carbon credit generation in India under Verra's VM0042 methodology.


29 March 2024. WRI Africa, Aspen Institute Africa, SDSN Kenya, CAP-A and Nairobi Climate Network NCN hosted a Carbon Markets Clinic on 25 March 2024, in order to equip participants with foundational knowledge in the basics of carbon markets, to understand the role of carbon markets in Kenya.

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