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Friday, May 3, 2024

Agroecological fertilizer for healthy soils & healthy communities

3 May 2024, at 1500 EAT/1200 GMT. African solutions: Agroecological fertilizer for healthy soils & healthy communities

The webinar will cover a range of topics including the drawbacks of traditional industrial agriculture and the advantages of adopting agroecology, the role of local governments in advancing agroecological policies, and the processes involved in the production, certification, and testing of biofertilizers within Kenya and Zambia.

Additionally, it will delve into Kenya's holistic farming system strategies and the transition towards agroecology.

The discussions will also highlight the relationship between soil health and climate change, the progress in bio-fertiliser technology in Africa, and biofertilizer-related research in Southern Africa.
  • Dr Million Belay (AFSA) via recording - Transitioning to agroecology, 
  • Mamadou Goita (IRPAD) - The failure of industrial agriculture (specifically synthetic fertilizers) and the need for viable alternatives. 
  • Ester Bett (RODI Kenya) Kenya is proudly pioneering biofertilizer production, certification, and use. 
  • Daniel Gitahi (Muranga County Agriculture Director) - Why Muranga County is embracing agroecology. 
  • Blessing Magonziwa (University of Harare) - Biofertilizer research in Southern Africa.
  • Henry Chinutu- National Coordinator, SCOPE Zambia - Agroecology in practice in Zambia.

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