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Friday, May 17, 2024

Designing and Implementing AgTech Innovation challenges and Competitions (AICC)

16 May 2024
. Designing and Implementing AgTech Innovation challenges and Competitions (AICC)

Investing in agricultural innovation is crucial to address global challenges, such as improving food security and combating climate change. The World Bank is a pivotal resource in this effort and the Innovation Challenges and Competitions are a useful mechanism for driving transformational changes in the agri-food sector.

The AgTech Innovation Challenges and Competitions (AICC) is a tool to generate and/or reward AgTech innovative ideas or solutions to address a specific and pre-specified problem or take advantage of an opportunity within the agri-food sector. The AICC guidebook brings together a wealth of knowledge, including lessons learned and strategic insights, providing a practical framework for stakeholders interested in designing or implementing operations in the agri-food innovation space.

The webinar on AgTech Innovation Challenges and Competitions for Agriculture Operations served to introduce this guide to a broad audience. Attendees learned first-hand about various applications of the model, such as the experiences of ongoing WB projects in Argentina (INTA), Kenya and Uganda, as well as regional initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean promoted by innovation experts and partners (Fontagro). This event was an opportunity to engage with a community that is actively pushing agri-food innovation and to discover how to contribute to this transformative movement.
  • Chair and Moderation: Diego Arias, Practice Manager, Agriculture and Food Global Practice, The World Bank
  • Maria Victoria Traverso, Agriculture Analyst, The World BankMartin Gurria, Senior Consultant in Technology and Entrepreneurship, Black Sea Economic Community (BSEC)
  • Páez, Roxana Beatriz, Director of INCUVA, the Innovation Node of Santa Fe of INTA
  • Jeehye Kim, Senior Agriculture Economist, Agriculture and Food Global Practice, The World Bank
  • Eugenia Saini, Executive Secretary, Regional Fund for Agricultural Technology (FONTAGRO) cooperation 


Kosmos Innovation Center (Ghana)

  • Kosmos Innovation Center programs are structured to allow young entrepreneurs to create opportunities for themselves, by fine-tuning their ideas into a business focused on solving key problems in the agricultural sector.
  • Through a mix of training, mentoring, and seed-funding, young graduates in Ghana, Senegal, and Mauritania have the opportunity to bring their business ideas to life through the Senegal Startup Accelerator, AgriTech Challenge and Mauritania Innovation Challenge.

Ahead of the AgriTech Challenge Pro Final pitch event, some of the business share their learning experience so far. Relive the action 35 teams from 10 universities across Ghana presented their innovative solutions to revolutionise agriculture and promote sustainability. From climate-smart practices to eco-friendly innovations, these young entrepreneurs are determined to make a difference!


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