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Saturday, June 1, 2024

Webinars and events June

3–13 June 2024, Bonn, Germany UNFCCC | Bonn Climate Change Conference SB60

3 -5 June 2024. Global Soil Partnership PLENARY ASSEMBLY FAO headquarters and virtually

4 June 2024. Water School Africa (WSA)
  • The session will hear about SCOPE Kenya’s work, with a focus on water harvesting and management for enhanced land regeneration, and food production and biodiversity conservation among school communities.
  • schools which have excelled well in putting up rain surface runoff management systems, resulting in reduced soil erosion, and increased regreening of their landscapes,
  • Meeting ID: 875 4508 1076

4 June 2024 at 2-3pm CEST. Biological solutions for sustainable agriculture: How agri-food stakeholders can efficiently scale, accelerate and unlock innovation
  • See also part one and part two of the ‘Focus on Farmers’ webinar series hosted in partnership with Bayer Crop Science
4 June 2024. 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM CEST Webinar on Artificial Intelligence Innovations in Future Farming and Food
  • The conversation will centre around data-driven technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) and how they are revolutionizing farming and food production practices.
  • Panelists will highlight real-world applications such as precision farming, predictive analytics for crop and livestock management, and AI-driven food supply chain optimization.
  • The panelists will also discuss emerging technologies such as generative AI, digital twins, and other innovative solutions and their applications in the agriculture and food sector.
5 June 2024. Exploring Agroecology: Current Insights and Emerging Research Frontiers
  • The Webinar is part of the RUFORUM 2024 Triennial Pre-Conference Webinar series.

5 June 2024. World Environment Day by screening film Kiss the Ground
  • The film (2020) is accompanied by a youth-led discussion in Nairobi. 
  • How the solution to healthy plants, healthy humans and a healthy earth is sitting right under our feet! See full documentarySee full documentary
4-6 June 2024. High-level ARISE Scientific Convening
  • ARISE is an innovative Research and Innovation (R&I) support programme implemented by the AAS with support from the African Union Commission (AUC) and the European Commission (EC).

  • CottonConnect's work with cotton farmers in Gujurat (India) as a case study 
6 June 2024. 02:30 PM CET. Roundtable discussion: Ag-techs targeting micro and small agripreneurs

6 June 2024, Bonn, Germany, and online. GLF & CIFOR-ICRAF | GLF Peatlands: Building Bridges, Sharing Success

6 June 2024. @21:00 How to Measure Soil Health (STC -Webinar)
  • The International "4 per 1000" Initaitive

6 June 2024. 9:30am EDT. Hybrid Policy Seminar, Tackling the Hidden Costs of our Food Systems. By IFPRI

11 June 2024. Famines and Fragility: Making humanitarian, developmental, and peacebuilding responses work. by IFPRI and BMZ
12 June 2024. Agroecology in fragile contexts in sub-Saharan Africa: What can agroecology offer in times of crises?
  • RUFORUM, Excellence in Agronomy Initiative, Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT and CGIAR
  • Webinar Series - IFPRI Modeling Systems: Informing Future Pathways and Priorities for Agrifood Systems
  • The Rural Investment and Policy Analysis (RIAPA) modeling system helps navigate multiple development goals in economic, welfare, and environmental domains, assessing the impacts and trade-offs of policies and investments on agrifood systems, workers, and households.
12-13 June 2024. 2pm to 4pm EAT on both days. CAADP post-Malabo agenda - Private Sector Consultation Meeting

12 - 13 June 2024. - GIA Grassroots Innovations Assembly for Agroecology
  • Wednesday, June 12th 9 am PT / 6 pm CEST Registration Link for June 12th
  • Thursday, June 13th 11 am CEST / 12 pm (noon) Nairobi time / 3:30 pm New Delhi time / 4 pm Jakarta time Registration Link for June 13th
  • The REPORT You will find the link to the report here. Drawing from a foundation of food sovereignty, agroecology and the Rights of people to define their food systems, GIA has been created (2023) to defend technological autonomy as a powerful tool to strengthen small-scale food producers globally and improve resilience, autonomy and sovereignty
12 - 14 June 2024. Nairobi, Kenya AFMASS Food Expo Eastern Africa co-located with Dairy Manufacturing Africa Expo

12 & 14 June 2024. CET. European Research Council Grants for African researchers

13 June 2024. Webinar 12 Discussion Revamping Manufacturing of Agricultural Machinery in Africa
13 June 2024. 4-part, interactive webinar series titled: Restoring Soil Health with Fungi and the Soil Food Web

14 June 2024. InfoPoint conference: Child labour free cotton
  • Presentation of the results of the EU-funded project "CLEAR Cotton - Eliminating child labour and forced labour in the cotton, textile and garment value chain: an integrated approach" by DG INTPA, ILO and FAO 
12 - 15 June 2024. Afreximbank Annual Meetings (AAM2024), taking place in Nassau, The Bahamas

17 to 20 June 2024. ANH2024 (Online) Learning Labs

18 June 2024, 3:30 PM. The Unjust Climate: Measuring the impacts of climate change on rural poor, women, and youth Virtual Policy Seminar 

18 to 20 June 2024, in Brussels. Focus-Africa, Down2Earth and CONFER Horizon-Europe projects final conference
  • This (invitation only) gathering will bring together leading experts and stakeholders to share insights and discuss the future of climate services in Africa.
  • fourth FOCUS-Africa Stakeholder Workshop took take in Mozambique in May 2023: Watch the video + Read the report
  • December 2023: MultiHazards Advisory Centre at the African Center of Meteorological Application for Development (ACMAD) Africa - Watch the recording
19 June 2024. Online agrifood marketplaces: presence of African entrepreneurs and smallholders

19 June 2024 - Will Democratizing STI make future Agri Food Systems more equitable?

23 June 2024. IUFRO World Congress 2024 - Forests and Society Towards 2050, Stockholm, Sweden

24 June 2024. SUN Movement Global Gathering 2024
  • The SUN Movement Global Gathering is the Movement’s flagship event and one of the largest international gatherings within the nutrition community.
24-26 June, 2024. COMPIE 2024 conference
  • Developments in the theory and the applications of counterfactual methods for policy impact evaluation. Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
  • The aim of COMPIE is to bring together practitioners and academics to discuss developments in the theory and the applications of counterfactual methods for policy impact evaluation. Applications can cover a broad range of interventions, from labor and social policy to regulation and funding programmes, ideally with a focus on EU policies or developing countries.
  • Paper submissions: January 1, 2024 to 28 February, 2024
23–29 June 2024, Stockholm, Sweden. IUFRO | 26th World Congress

25 - 28 June 2024. Africa Energy Forum (aef)

26 June 2024. 03:00 PM CET. Driving the transition to regenerative farming
  • update on Regen10's Outcomes-Based Framework, which aims to equip all food system actors with a shared understanding and ambition for driving the transition to regenerative farming; provide a spotlight and Q&A on Regen10's upcoming feedback survey; and present the latest on Regen10's transition pathways briefs, which explore the costs and benefits of transitioning to regenerative food systems.
  • Rsif will host Dr Victor Ongoma Climate Change Adaptation Scientist at the International Water Research Institute, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, UM6P for the 48th Guest Webinar Series. 
26 June 2024. - 11AM PT / 8PM CET Webinar 3: Meet the Soil Regen Pros

  • co-hosted by the EABC and the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank)
  • Learn from industry leaders about developing bankable projects in key manufacturing value chains such as agro-processing, fertilizers and agro-chemicals, mineral processing, pharmaceuticals, textiles, leather, apparel, and automotive.

27 June 2024. Human Resources Development and capacity building for Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization in Africa.
  • Lead by RUFORUM and contributions by SUA, PASAE, KeSABAE, and ACT ICAAP-Africa.
  • The Webinars and Discussion Forums are being organized by the interim F-SAMA steering committee,comprised of AUC, FAO &ACT Network
  • For more information, contact: F-SAMA - AfricaMechanize Secretariat; Email:
28-29 June 2024.  Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC) 12th Annual Agribusiness Expo - Kihonda Demonstration Centre in Masindi District, Uganda
28-29 Juin 2024 à Bambey, Sénégal et en ligne. Colloque international Sciences et Agriculture (CISA-1) Institut supérieur de Formation agricole et rurale (ISFAR) - Université Alioune DIOP

30 June 2024. Webinar 4: TBC 4-part, interactive webinar series titled: Restoring Soil Health with Fungi and the Soil Food Web

1–5 July, 2024. CGIAR Science Week, Nairobi.
  • Drawing on CGIAR science and partnerships from around the world, the inaugural CGIAR Science Week will bring together the community working for a food, nutrition and climate secure future to: co-create a roadmap for food, land and water systems transformation, forge partnerships for action, build the case for investment, inspire change.
02 July 2024 | Hybrid event | 14.00-16.30 CEST Strengthening urban and peri-urban food systems to achieve food security and nutrition, in the context of urbanization and rural transformation

2 July 2024. @1200 EAT, 1100 Southern Africa, 1000 Central and parts of West Africa/BST, 0900 the rest of West Africa/GMT. Water School Africa (WSA) 
  • The zoom link to join this WSA online session is: Meeting ID: 875 4508 1076
  • Presenter: Daniel Chinkhuntha. Daniel has pertinent knowledge, skills and capacity in Permaculture, Agro-Ecology and Organic Farming. He is an Organic Farmer and he manages Tikondwe Freedom Gardens, a Farm near Lilongwe, Malawi on which Permaculture is practised with the aim of achieving Food Sovereignty and secure livelihoods. He specializes in planning and designing the landscape for Sustainable Development as well as facilitating trainings and teaching Agroecology to farmers, academics & Extension workers.
  • In his presentation Daniel is going to share about the water holding work that was started by his late father. He is going to share about the rain water harvesting structures that they are using to hold water at Tikondwe Freedom gardens in central Malawi.
2 - 3 July 2024. Exploring Intersections: Decolonization, Diasporas and the African Food System
  • This hybrid conference is an initiative of the Food Bridge vzw in partnership with Diaspofood ULB, Africa Museum Tervuren, Interdisciplinary Historical Food Studies Research Group (FOST) VUB, The New Global Order (TNGO), Alefa Diaspora and others.
  • The conference seeks to unravel the historical, cultural, and socio-economic dynamics that shaped the current state of African food systems and its impact on the continent’s development. Furthermore, it will be considering the effects of colonization, the experiences of diasporic communities, and the potential for decolonization to reshape the African food systems.
  • Abstracts should be in .doc or pdf format and sent to
3 July 2024 4th Life Cycle Innovation Conference | LCIC 2024

3 - 4 July 2024. Kenya, Kwale County. BlueInvest Africa 2024
  • BlueInvest Africa is an important business event, initiated by the European Commission in 2022.
  • The objective of BlueInvest Africa is to facilitate meetings between African entrepreneurs seeking financing and international investors scouting for opportunities, all centred around projects capable of propelling Africa's blue economy forward
8 - 17 July 2024. High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development 2024

10-11 July 2024, at CIMMYT’s global headquarters in Texcoco, Mexico. World Food Prize Foundation DialogueNEXT 

11 July 2024. 14:00 – 17:00 CEST. Doing Science Differently.
  • first of a series of dialogues hosted by the Agroecology TPP (Transformative Partnership Platform on Agroecological Approaches to Building Resilience of Livelihoods and Landscapes). 
  •  The Agroecology TPP aims to foster transitions to more sustainable agricultural and food systems by accelerating and coordinating the actions of a range of institutions already working on agroecology across various scales, contexts, and locations.
22 - 26 July 2024. Accra, Ghana. 2024 Evidence to Action Conference and Exhibition (E2A)

24 July 2024. Joint actions in operationalization of the  Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization in Africa F-SAMA.
  • Panel discussion at the 9WCCA introduced by FAO/ACT. Panelists: AUC, AfDB, FAO, DAMES committee, and CIMMYT
  • The Webinars and Discussion Forums are being organized by the interim F-SAMA steering committee,comprised of AUC, FAO &ACT Network: For more information, contact: • F-SAMA - AfricaMechanize Secretariat; Email:
25 July 2024. Scaling CA with for Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization in Africa in the Context of Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI).
  • Introductory remarks of the panel discussion at the 9WCCA by Paswel Marenya (CIMMYT) or UN Women. Panelists: Dr Snapp (CIMMYT), ICARDA/INRA, and UM6P/Al Moutmir.
  • The Webinars and Discussion Forums are being organized by the interim F-SAMA steering committee,comprised of AUC, FAO &ACT Network: For more information, contact: • F-SAMA - AfricaMechanize Secretariat; Email:
29 - 31 July 2024. Kigali, Rwanda. 2nd Science & Partnerships for Agriculture Conference (SPAC 2024)
  • The 2024 edition of the SPAC conference will host its usual lead conferences among many other convenings; it will host the Third Biennial Africa Climate Smart Agriculture Conference; the Knowledge Management for Agricultural Development (KM4AgD) conference, the AU-EU Horizon
  • Europe partnership projects coordinated by FARA viz., CEAFIRST and StEPFoS, a workshop on advancing the application of foresight in African agriculture and a reflection workshop on the AfDB-supported Technologies for African Agriculture (TAAT) programme, plus several others.

2–7 August 2024. Transformation Towards Sustainable Agri-Food Systems, 32nd International Conference of Agricultural Economists
  • 02/08 Assessing the impacts of international agricultural research: New methods, rigorous evidence, better decisions [SPIA Fest 2024] - CGIAR Standing Panel on Impact Assessment (SPIA)
  • 02/08 Regional integration, sustainability and food security in South Asia
  • 02/08 The bioeconomy and sustainable development
  • 02/08 Transforming food systems in South Asia - IFPRI
  • 02/08 Transdisciplinary approaches in agri-food systems transformation research- IFPRI, Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT, ICARDA
  • 02/08 Facilitating the rapid, Inclusive and sustainable rural transformation in Asian developing countries
  • 04/08 Plenary 3: Healthy and Sustainable Diets and Nutrition
  • 04/08 Plenary 4: Agri-Food Value Chains and Sustainability
  • 05/08 Plenary 5: Gender in Agri-Food Systems
  • 06/08 Plenary 6: Agri-Food Systems, Climate, and the Environment
  • 06/08 Plenary 7: Novel Approaches in Agri-Food Systems Research
Selection of Invited Panel sessions that will be held at the conference. For session details and timing, please consult the conference program app (available from July 2024).
  • Science Policy Interface for Sustainable Food Systems (organizer: Hans-Jörg Lutzeyer, Peter Wehrheim) (speakers: Justus Wesseler, Shenggen Fan, Jill McCluskey, Akiko Suwa-Eisenmann, Joachim von Braun)
  • Toward Sustainable Food Systems Transformation in Africa (organizer: Ousmane Badiane, Tsitsi Makombe) (speakers: Sheryl Hendriks, Anna Lartey, John Ulimwengu, Getaw Tadesse, Julius Ecuru, Katrin Glatzel, Racine Ly)
  • Nourishing Growth: How Public Spending Decisions are Shaping Agricultural Transformation and Food Security in India and Africa (organizer: Ashok Gulati, Joachim von Braun) (speakers: Shyma Jose, Bezawit Beyene Chichaibelu, Lukas Kornher, Ousmane Badiane, Usha Barwale Zehr, Sachin Chaturvedi, Shahidur Rashid, Sheryl Hendriks
  • Strengthening the Capacities of Agricultural Policy Research Institutes in Africa (organizer: Thomas Jayne) (speakers: Nalishebo Meebelo, Lenis Saweda O. Liverpool-Tasie, Chris Barrett, Tinashe Kapuya, Milu Muyanga)
  • Urban Food Systems and Dietary Transition in Africa (organizer: Felix Asante (speakers: Jonathan Mockshell, Sylvester Ogutu, Hannah Ameye, Matin Qaim, Makaiko Khonje
  • Alternative Proteins: Challenges and Opportunities in Low- and Middle-Income Settings (organizer: Claudia Ringler) (speakers: B Dayakar Rao, Arghadeep Saha, Frans Swanepoel, Melissa van der Merwe, Holly Wang)
August 2024. AFMASS Nigeria Food Expo co-located with Africa Dairy Manufacturing Expo and Africa Food Safety Summit – Western Africa

4–9 August 2024, Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, China. IPC 2024 | 17th International Peatland Congress

12 - 13 August 2024. Crawford Fund Conference - Nurturing global change from Australia: Fostering agricultural innovation for worldwide food security, Australia

13 August 2024. Nairobi, Kenya Africa Fresh Produce Expo co-located with Africa FarmTech Expo

25 - 29 August 2024. World Water Week

2 - 6 September 2024. Kigali Rwanda. Africa Food Systems Forum 2024

8 to 12 of September 2024. Rimini, Italy. 22nd IUFoST World Congress 2024 of Food Science and Technology.

11-13 September TROPENTAG
16 -19 September 2024. 13th African Crop Science Society (ACSS) conference.
  • hosted by the Eduardo Mondlane University (EMU) in Maputo, Mozambique,
  • under the theme, ‘Crop research and innovation for agricultural transformation, resilience and inclusion’, the Maputo meeting will also provide a platform for sharing and discussing research results that bring solutions towards enhancing agricultural development in Africa.
17 September 2024, Nairobi, Kenya, and online. GLF | GLF Africa 2024

22–23 September 2024, New York, USA. UN | Summit of the Future

25 – 28 September 2024. Global Symposium on Soil Information and Data
Join us in Nanjing, China

26 September 2024.Innovative systems for sustainable technology development, and uptake or adoption of Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization in Africa
  • Lead by FARA and contributions by China Agricultural University (Li Hongwen), Murdoch University Bangladesh (Enamul Haque); CORAF, and the African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (AFAAS).
  • The Webinars and Discussion Forums are being organized by the interim F-SAMA steering committee,comprised of AUC, FAO &ACT Network: For more information, contact: • F-SAMA - AfricaMechanize Secretariat; Email:
7 - 11 October 2024. The 9th Africa Nutrition Conference (ANC 2024/ANEC IX) 
  • Organised by the African Nutrition Society and Ghana Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Submission of abstracts: 1st March – 31st May, 2024

3 - 4 October 2024. AGROECOLOGY SCIENCE DAYS » University of Lausanne, Switzerland
“Agroecology Day for All” in Lausanne on 5 October 2024

14 -16 October 2024. Addis Ababa African Youth Summit on Food Systems & Agroecology2024

21 October–1 November, TBA, Colombia. UN | 2024 United Nations Biodiversity Conference (COP16)

24 October 2024. The role of smallholder farmers in agricultural development and food security in Africa for Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization in Africa
  • Introductory remarks by PAFO. Panel: ROPPA/EAFF; PASAE; University of Nairobi; CSIR-CRI Ghana; and Director of Mechanization, Nigeria.
  • The Webinars and Discussion Forums are being organized by the interim F-SAMA steering committee,comprised of AUC, FAO &ACT Network: For more information, contact: • F-SAMA - AfricaMechanize Secretariat; Email:
November 2024 (Agro)pastoralism in Africa: Current Dynamics and Perspectives, in preparation for the International Year of Rangelands and Pastoralists (IYRP 2026)

4–8 November 2024, TROPICAL SUMMIT

11–22 November 2024, Baku, Azerbaijan UN | 2024 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP29)

ANAPRI Stakeholders Conference scheduled to take place on November 26th-28th, 2024 in Dakar, Senegal

20 November 2024. 1:30 to 5:30 pm. Soil quality – Towards an indicator system for public policy - Restitution conference

28 November 2024. Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization in Africa: Annual Summary Paper to be prepared by AfricaMechanize Secretariat.
2–13 December 2024, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia UN | UNCCD COP16

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