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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Advocacy Toolkit on ARD

The CIARD partners announced the new Advocacy Toolkit on “Opening Agricultural Knowledge for All”, which is offered to organizations and individuals in support of their efforts to raise awareness, advocate, and influence others. 

The Toolkit is aimed at researchers, scientists, managers, and information/communication professionals with an interest in opening up agricultural knowledge. The Toolkit is published in wiki format, with the intention that it will be enhanced and developed by CIARD partners and stakeholders. 

There are pages on designing approaches, selecting targets, building a case methods and tools, using evidence to support advocacy, and some case studies. 

This Toolkit was prepared with input from various CIARD partners, and particularly the CGIAR, FAO, GFAR, and the regional research forums in Asia/Pacific (APAARI), and Latin America and the Caribbean (FORAGRO/IICA), and the Near East (AARINENA).

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