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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Announcement: Seminar: Innovation and decision aid in agriculture : which roles of research and which partnerships

Thursday September 2nd. Seminar: Innovation and decision aid in agriculture : which roles of research and which partnerships. This symposium will illustrate and analyse how research in agronomy can contribute to a sustainable agricultural progress, in both African and European contexts, through various types of deliverables and through diverse modes of interaction between research, farmers and their organizations, extension services and agro industry.

The conference aims to illustrate and analyze, for a varied range of socio-economic and agricultural situations, the place and the role of agronomic research in the processes of innovation in the framework of Sustainable Development. Above all, the conference will identify and discuss:

  • The nature and the form of the deliverables through which research in agronomy contributes to innovation: new techniques, new cultural practices or cropping systems, but also new decision support systems applicable at various space scales and organization levels;
  • The conditions and steps through which these various types of deliverables are elaborated (modelling, experimentations of various types, inquiries, co construction of questions, etc.), and the types of subjacent knowledge;
  • The modes of interaction efficient between research and the actors (sometimes new) of innovation: farmers and their organizations, extension services, companies and organizations concerned by the inputs (agro supplies) and outputs (collecting and transformation of the production) of the farms ;
  • The ways in which public policies and agronomic research may interact for stimulating sustainable innovation processes, in agriculture.
Provisional program - Download French version (pdf file)
It is possible to register only for this seminar by sending back the specific registration form to the Association Française d'Agronomie
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