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Monday, October 30, 2017

Upcoming events in Agriculture for Development (ARD) - Africa

28 to 30 October. Nanjing, PR China. GCHERA World Conference 2017 Global Food Security and Food Safety: The Role of Universities
30 October - 3 November 2017. Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. The 3rd AFAAS Africa-Wide Agricultural Extension Week combined with the 51st Annual Conference of the South African Society for Agricultural Extension. Event Theme: “Scaling up climate smart agriculture: integrating youth, women, and the digital revolution”.
6 November Brussels. 11th session of the Microfinance Lunch Break. How smallholder farmers feed the world: microfinance for small holders
7 November. Utrecht. Incubating Agribusiness in Africa. 2SCALE will share five years of experience in agribusiness
7 NovemberGFAR/TAP Webinar – Sharing Knowledge on Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation through TAPipedia
8-9 November. Cali, Columbia. CIAT 50th Anniversary Celebration
9-10  November. Denver, USA. Energy Africa Conference
16 November 2017. Webinar. Mobile phones successfully support farmers with weather and climate information
16-17 November 2017. Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. FAO/WHO Regional Symposium on Sustainable Food Systems for Healthy Diets and Improved Nutrition
13 - 24 November. Ibadan, Nigeria. ICRA course: Building agribusiness relations for sustainable profit – Learning key skills for inclusive business brokerage
13-24 November. Wageningen. International course “Making Agriculture Work for Food and Nutrition Security”
14-17 November. Brussels. Info Week on Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 2 (SC2) ‘Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine and maritime and inland water research and the bioeconomy’. Co-organised by the Research Executive Agency (REA), the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (DG RTD) and the Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development (DG AGRI) of the European Commission.
18 November. Brussels. Information Day for National Contact Points H2020
14-17 November. Addis Ababa. Conference on Land Policy in Africa (CLPA-2017)
15-17 November. Johannesburg. 13th African Dairy Conference
15-17 November. Brussels. Organic innovation days
20 November. Brussels. European Parliament. Regional perspectives on hunger and migration: the relevance of smart investment in food security and rural development
20 - 22 November. Cape Town. African Agri Investment Indaba
20 - 21 November. Abidjan. GID-FastDev Agri Forum Forum Africain des Sciences et Technologies pour le Développement au Salon de l’Agriculture et des Ressources Animales (SARA), pour la présentation/discussion d’un échantillon d’une douzaine d’exemples de réussite en, présence des responsables et porteurs des programmes/projets. Organise par le Groupe Interacadémique pour le Développement (GID), une structure euro-africaine réunissant 30 Académies d’Europe du Sud et d’Afrique
20 - 22 November. Cotonou, Benin. Afri-Veg Forum 2017
20-24 November. Dakar. Pastoralism in the current global changes: stakes, challenges and prospects
22-24 November. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. AU Conference Centre. Regional Meeting on Agricultural Biotechnologies in Sustainable Food Systems and Nutrition in Sub-Saharan Africa
24 November. Paris. Promesses et chausse-trappes de l'agriculture contractuelle en Afrique
26 November. Gent, Belgium. Go-Abroad Fair in Belgium 2017
28 November. London. Future of Renewable Energy in Africa
29 – 30 November. Kigali. Regional sharing on farmer/pastoralist field schools in Eastern Africa
28 – 30 November. Johannesburg. 4th Global Science Conference On Climate Smart Agriculture
28-29 November. Abidjan. Summit of Head of States from EU and Africa
29-30 November. Kampala. Agribusiness Congress East Africa
29 October 2017 - 1 DecemberEuropean Microfinance Week (EMW),
1 December. The Hague. Research and Policy: two peas in a pod? A dialogue for food security impact
3-6 December. Cape Town, South Africa. 3rd International Conference on Global Food Security
4-5 December, Madrid, Spain. International Summit on Organic Farming 2017
4-5 December. Milano, Italy. 8th International Forum on Food and Nutrition
6 December. Webinar E-agriculture. ZFU Ecofarmer Combo. The ZFU Ecofarmer Combo is a bundle of services developed by Econet, the largest Mobile Network Provider in Zimbabwe,
6 DecemberWebinar “Innovative Annual Reports” (co-organized by GFAR and GLF)7-8 December. Nigeria. Nigerian Poultry Feeds Research and Development
7-8 December. Utrecht. The Netherlands. Climate change adaptation: community-based adaption inmultistakeholder landscapes
8-11 December (TBC). Cape Town, South Africa. 3rd International Conference on Global Food Security
12 - 13 December 2017. Queen Mary University of London. Universities and Climate Change: The Role of Climate Change Research and Projects in Fostering Climate Action 
11-12 December (TBC) Brussels, Annual Meeting European Forum for Agricultural Research (EFARD)
19-20 December. Bonn. Global Landscapes Forum
15-18 January 2018. Nairobi. GIZ. Innovators conference
15-19 January 2018. African Crop Science Society meeting
23-26 January 2018. Switzerland. 48th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting
15 February 2018. Sharm el-Sheikh. First International Conference of the Egyptian Society of Food Safety
6-8 March 2018. Nanyuki. Kenya. 3rd ECHO East Africa Pastoralist Symposium
7-9 November. Dakar, Senegal. AAIN Agribusiness Incubation Conference
19-20 March 2018. Nairobi, Kenya. 1st Biocontrol Africa Conference
21-23 March 2018. Nairobi, Kenya. 16th New Ag International Conference
April 2018. Hohenheim, Germany. Agrinatura General Assembly.
9-12 April 2018. Cape Town South Africa. Sorghum in the 21st Century Conference
18 - 19 April 2018. Berlin Germany. Global Bioeconomy Summit 2018.
31 May -1 June 2018. Pretoria. IAALD – AFRICA CONFERENCE
24-27 June 2018. Mombassa, Kenya. 2nd African Symposium on Mycotoxicology
3 - 5 July 2018. Stuttgart, Germany. 5th International ISEKI Food Conference
September 2018. Gent, Belgium. Tropen Tags
7-11 October 2018 in Berlin. IWCSPP 2018 - 12th International Working Conference for Stored Product Protection. 

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