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Monday, February 5, 2018

Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization of Conservation Agriculture

Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization of Conservation Agriculture in Smallholder Kenyan Maize Farmers for Sustainable Intensification and Increased Climate Resilience 
– Student Dissertation by Holly E. Morgan

Upscaling of sustainable-intensification systems such as conservation agriculture, which has shown great capacity to increase farm productivity and climate-resilience while reducing environmental degradation, has yet seen limited uptake in sub-Saharan Africa despite its potential. The purpose of this study is to examine challenges and successes of sustainable agricultural mechanization of conservation agriculture, a vital component of the innovation’s success, by conducting a location-based case-study in Laikipia, Kenya.

Areas in need of attention were: finance, extension services, and equipment access. Recommendations for issue remediation were developed from stakeholder interviews conducted in the case study, and findings from examination of mechanization success-stories in other countries and systems. Continued examination of trends across different communities and contexts will support a more robust, exhaustive understanding of mechanization challenges and opportunities, thereby enabling informed policy-making and project design for upscaling conservation agriculture. 

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