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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Climate Technologies and Technology Needs Assessment activities in Africa

15 April 2020. This webinar explored the sectors and technologies prioritised by African countries participating in the TNA project in relation to climate change adaptation and mitigation, discuss financial and capacity-building needs, and highlight how the TNAs can contribute to NDC implementation.
  • Sara Trærup, TNA Global Project Manager – UNEP DTU Partnership
  • Vladimir Hecl, Programme Officer – UNFCCC
  • Samba Fall, Project Officer – ENDA Énergie, Senegal
  • Libasse Ba, Programme Coordinator – ENDA Énergie, Senegal
  • Maxwell Otim, TNA Coordinator and Director Science, Research and Innovation at Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation in Uganda
  • Moderated by Léa Jehl Le Manceau, TNA Project Assistant – UNEP DTU Partnership
Video forthcoming

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