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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

COVID19: On-site measures for agricultural/forestry companies and sustainable landscapes operators

2 April 2020. With a growing concern about the impact of COVID19 on health, food security and livelihoods, IDH and Mirova organized a webinar on additional measures that agricultural/forestry companies and sustainable landscape operators can take to halt the spread of COVID19, and support workers and neighboring communities.

In four sessions, over 420 participants heard from experts on the role of private companies in combatting COVID-19, the impact on food supply chains, their experience on plantation management during the Ebola crisis, and practical steps they are taking right now.
  • Moderators Nienke Stam (IDH) and Gautier Quéru (Mirova). 
  • David Nabarro, World Health Organization Special Envoy, providing reflections on the role of land-based companies in combatting COVID19;
  • Maximo Torero Cullen, Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) Chief Economist, on the coronavirus, the food supply chain under strain, and ‘what to do?’;
  • Matt Karinen, David Rothschild and Viganeswaran Ponnudurai, on the realities of plantation management during a virus outbreak sharing experiences from Liberia during the Ebola crisis;
  • Tatiana Pachon, Chief Country Officer, Forest First Colombia;
  • Kate Mathias, Compliance Director, Miro Forestry and Timber Products

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