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Monday, August 3, 2020

CFS-FSC Webinar: Making Food Systems Work for Healthy Diets

28 July 2020Draft Voluntary Guidelines on Food Systems and Nutrition
  • The Committee on World Food Security (CFS) has undertaken a policy process to produce Voluntary Guidelines on Food Systems for Nutrition (VGFSyN). 
  • They will be adopted in February 2021 (CFS 47)
  • The preparation of the VGFSyN is informed by the findings and scientific evidence provided in the High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition’s (HLPE)10 Report on Nutrition and Food Systems
  • Through an interactive discussion, this event offered participants an opportunity to learn about the work of the gFSC and the initiatives under the CFS, especially the relevance of the Guidelines. Discussions touched on ways to promote their use in shaping policies and coordinated action at country and regional levels.
Panelists provided an overview of the work of the CFS and its role in the global governance of food security and nutrition, presented the content of the Guidelines with particular attention to the policy recommendations included in Part 3, and present ideas on how UN agencies and bodies could promote their implementation. The webinar:
  • Familiarized participants with the CFS and showcase examples of its processes and products;
  • Introduced participants to the current version of the Guidelines, its core messages and overarching goals;
  • Stimulated a discussion on the potential role of the Guidelines in steering policymakers and relevant stakeholders when designing policies, laws, regulatory frameworks, strategies, and programmes at local, country, and regional levels;
  • Reflected on potential areas of collaboration between the CFS and the gFSC, with particular attention to the potential use of CFS products – and more specifically the Guidelines – in support of the gFSC’s coordination activities, strategic programming and operations.



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