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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

WEBINAR: Mapping the benefits of nature: The use of spatial data in African cities

18 August 2020. 14:00 – 15:30 CAT. Mapping the benefits of nature: The use of spatial data in African cities

The world's economic prosperity and well-being are underpinned by its natural capital, which includes ecosystems that provide essential goods and services for mankind. Mapping ecosystem services is essential to understand how ecosystems contribute to human wellbeing and to support policies which have an impact on natural resources. It is also useful in bridging the gap between environmental protection, meeting the needs of people, and identifying opportunities for action and investment.

The field of ecosystem services mapping is growing and this webinar will showcase some of the tools available to do this. It will also highlight some of the progress to date on mapping ecosystem services benefits, creating policy-relevant information, and making this information readily accessible through online data portals.

This webinar aims to demonstrate how mapping can help decision makers at sub-national and local levels to identify priority areas to engage targets for the conservation and restoration of nature, as well as pathways to achieve these targets and where to direct investment for green open spaces.
  • LARISSA DUMA - Independent Consultant, The World Bank - Urban Ecology & Resilient Specialist
  • FAHIEMA DANIELS - Deputy Director: Biodiversity Planning South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI)
  • SHUAIB LWASA - Makerere University – Associate Professor: Department of Geography Geoinformatics and Climatic Sciences
  • CAMERON MCLEAN - eThekwini Municipality - Senior Specialist Ecologist Environmental Planning and Climate Protection Department (EPCPD), currently in the post of Acting Senior Manager for the Biodiversity Planning Branch
  • LARISSA DUMA - The World Bank - Urban Ecology, Environment, and Sanitation Consultant
  • JOE MÜLDERS - Systems Ecologist – Prime Africa
  • GILLIAN MAREE - GCRO – Senior Researcher . Before joining the GCRO she worked at the South African Cities Network (SACN)
  • ALLAN KWANJANA - Lilongwe City Council – Director of Parks, Recreation & Environmental Services in our City
  • ISAAC LUWAGA MUGUMBULE - Kampala Capital City Authority - Head of Landscaping 
  • TENDAMUDZIMU MAṰHAGU - City of Johannesburg - Deputy Director: Biodiversity Conservation
  • INGRID COETZEE - ICLEI Africa & ICLEI CBC – Senior Programme Manage

25th August 2020 at 14h00 (CAT). ICLEI Africa Webinar Effective communication: Lessons for responding to climate change and health pandemics 

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